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  1. Username : Robiox63 Server : Gold Country/Timezone : France / GMT+2
  2. Event form: Halloween Time investment: Around 2 hours Possibly interest to join staff either as Pixel Artist or Coin Shop icon creator: Maybe Dark Reuniclus and family
  3. ok i am available all night, if I am not in the game, ask a member of my guild renaissance, they will send me a message.
  4. - SHOP RULES - Any fake offer will be reported. Be careful ! You can't cancel your offer. Buyers from the Silver server are welcome but they must transfer themselves to the Gold server. No auctions here, only fixed insta prices. IG : Robiox63 Discord : robiox63#3797 - ACCEPTED CURRENCIES - Pokedollars Reroll Ticket - 750k Nature Reroll - 375k Coin Capsule - 370k 100K ( Luxury Ball ) 100K ( Pokeball ) 100K ( Premier Ball ) 50K ( Luxury Ball ) 50K ( Luxury Ball ) SOLD
  5. Map Name : Guild Island Cave ( trick room spawn ) Pokemon : Timburr Reason : Mawile-mega is ban, i think timburr is a good substitute.
  6. Hello i accidentally delete my pokemon. ign : robiox63 server: gold pokemon : Muk-Alolan id number: 28562865 thank you
  7. S.O: 6M MIN BID: 250K INSTA: 12M Duration : 3 Days after the first bid Pokedollars Coin Capsules: 400k Reroll Tickets: 720k Free delivery to the server where the pokemon is bought DISCORD : robiox63#3797
  8. I just tested and it's good the boss works correctly. ( I had test 1 day ago and it didn't work that's why I bumped sorry )
  9. The cooldown of my boss Apollo is bugged when it reaches 0h it goes back to 24h. as you can see here = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU_b6D2KVGs&feature=youtu.be It's been 3 days since it's like this. I think the bug came when I finished the boss at the same time he had to reset.
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