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  1. @rodrigo1908 @RedRiider send me a message on discord iriz#8672 when yall can if you dont find me in game
  2. Got you @Gruzin9966 pls send me a message on discord iriz#8672 got you now
  3. Ever since the announcement of the Guild Island, I have wanted to give feedback about it, but have been unable to due to time constraints and lack of motivation. Firstly, I am upset with how long we have been promised a Guild Island, only for it to not even be available to my guild (or most other guilds!) Secondly, I have privately made my opinions known to several staff members, but in light of recent events, it seems appropriate to make my feelings public. I am aware that regardless of the opinions of myself or the playerbase at large, the staff might refuse to make substantive changes to
  4. If you are still interested send me a friend request on discord iriz#8672 also bump:CharYay:
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