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  1. Regarding some of the rules listed, you will first be warned for the behavior in question, rather than punished immediately. However, disregarding warnings and repeating the offense will lead to harsher actions being taken. Not following our rules can and will be punished accordingly, based on our Punishment Policy. If you are constantly breaking the rules, you may be punished further. _____________________________________________ 1. Deplorable behavior such as foul language, profanity, harassment, and excessive toxicity is not allowed. Behavior such as this will not be tolerated, whether filtered or not. Similarly, avoiding the profanity filter will also lead to punishment. Chat toxicity and excessively posting complaints with the purpose of disturbing the general community will not be tolerated and lead to punishment. 2. English Only in All Official Chats, excluding Other Chat In all official In-Game Chats, besides the Other Chat, you are only permitted to speak in English. However, feel free to make your own chat channel for speaking a non-English language. Custom chats won't be moderated, but the Rules still apply in those channels. Any violation reported to us will be punished. 3. No Discussion of Infractions, Reports, or Applications Do not discuss sanctions in any of the official chat channels, do so in the proper section of the forums: Discipline Appeals. Do not discuss report-related topics in the chat. If you see someone violating the rules, make sure to report that player. Do not discuss staff applications in the chat. This will reflect negatively on your application. 4. Links and Advertisement You can only post in-game links of the official PRO website and forum (example: dashboard, guides, support threads, etc). Live streams links are allowed in 'All' every 30 minutes. Advertising your personal channels, other Pokemon games* and services not related to PRO is strictly prohibited. This does not include Game Freak and Nintendo games Do not advertise private chat channels in any of our official chats*, with the exception of language channels. If you are advertising a private chat channel to avoid moderation we may join the channel and moderate it 5. Avoid sensitive topics (Religion, Politics, Diseases & similar subjects) Be careful when talking about delicate subjects such as religion, politics, or diseases. Remember, you are not alone in the chat. 6. No Spamming Spam in all forms is prohibited. Spam includes but is not limited to: Excessive Letters, Symbols, Emojis, and Numbers Sending multiple of the same message right after one another Cutting up sentences into multiple messages when they can be placed in one sentence Any unnecessary advertisement/spam to draw attention to your trade post 7. No Mini-Modding. Do not Mini-Mod in any of our chats, we encourage you to report any violations in our Report Center. You are allowed to tell a user kindly to stop rule-breaking behavior. 8. Rating and Pokemon builds. Pokemon rates and/or build questions can be asked All Chat, Help Chat & Battle Chat. 9. Price checks. Price checks can be asked in All Chat, Help Chat & Battle Chat. Alternatively, you may use our Gold and Silver Price Checking and Rates Sub-forums. _____________________________________________ All Chat 1. All Chat This chat is meant to be the off-topic channel. You can discuss multiple topics, as long as they are within the rules. 2. Trade Evolution Requests Trade Evolution requests may be asked in All Chat or in the Help Chat. Alternatively, you may request for a Trade Evolution in our Evolution and Deleveling Megathread. 3. Streams Streamers can post their stream link every 30 minutes. Trade Chat 1. Trade Rules Before you start using Trade Chat, make sure you have read the Trade Rules. 2. Sales You must not use any other chat for buying or selling. Double and Rapid posting is prohibited. You must leave at least 5 posts in between. Auctions being handled in-game must be posted once every minute, regardless if having 5 posts between Auction messages. Keep your trades in one post at all times. Off-topic is strictly prohibited, you may only post trade messages. 3. Commenting Trade Chat is used only for trade messages. Do not comment on other users' trades in Trade Chat or harass them in private messages. If you have concerns with a sale, you may privately message the seller, however, please do so respectfully. Help Chat 1. General Questions Help Chat is the place to get all your questions answered. Random and/or off-topic conversations are not allowed. You must use All Chat for those. 2. Trolling Trolling, i.e. purposely giving wrong information, is strictly prohibited and will be sanctioned harshly. Battle Chat 1. PvP Rules You must adhere to the PvP Rules. 2. Taunting Do not use this chat to taunt your opponents, this is strictly prohibited. Do not contact your opponent during or after a PvP battle just to taunt them, this is strictly prohibited. Other Chat 1. Other Languages In Other Chat, you may speak in non-English languages. However, you may use English as well. The Overall Chat Rules all continue to apply here. ________________________________________________________ Use the command /cgjoin [language] to join one of them. French chat: french German chat: deutsch or german Indonesian chat: indonesia Portuguese chat: portuguese Brasil chat: brasil Spanish chat: spanish Polish chat: polish (only on certain servers though, not all) Italian chat : italian, not all servers Vietnamese chat: vietnam Hungarian chat : Hungarian If you are aware of more chats, please feel free to contact one of the Moderators to put them into this topic. These chats may not be moderated, but this doesn't mean that you can go against our Punishment Policy. For example, harassing other players in these channels is still against the rules. Evidence from those chats will still apply to reports. If you have trouble understanding any of those rules please check out "How to use our in-game chats according to our chat rules" as well. Credits to Anduin, Qeight, Mutantnair, Fluffles.
  2. a This guide will explain any and all Chat rules, how we enforce them and what you have to keep in mind when using any of our official chat channels. If you still have concerns, troubles understanding something or want something even deeper explained, please do reach out to us in the General Complaint Area. An experienced staff member will assist you with your questions there. Explanation: Any moderation staff member (CC, Mod, T-Mod & GM) is trained in in-game moderation and is expected to warn users' before they receive any punishments however we do reserve the right to mute you without prior warning if we deem it was necessary. This may apply when heavy spamming is being done, very offensive racist remarks are being made, sexist/discriminating words/phrases are written or any other possible scenario. This is solely up to the active staff member discretion at the time but generally you can expect a warning before any mute. Also important to note here is that all rules apply even if a Moderator is not online, we exclusively deal with reported chat infractions and issue quiet-bans when it is needed. A live case (when a moderation staff member is online) and reports are being dealt with differently. You can expect to receive warnings/quiet-bans when you are reported for any violations. _____________________________________________ Explanation: We aim to hold a very high PG standard within our chat channels henceforth we censor all swear words, even if they are not censored by the game itself. The systems censors a lot of swearwords with stars however these are still visible for every staff member. You can expect to be muted almost every time you swear at someone. We do make exceptions here when certain swearwords are being used in abbreviations of expression such as wtf & lmfao nonetheless if users' use abbreviations just for swear words like fk for fuck, bj for blowjob or smd for suck my dick you can expect to be warned or muted. Filter evasion is trying to evade having your swearwords show up as stars, purposely writing them wrong or hide them within other words, this will also get you warned or muted as it counts as swearing. The last thing you need to know is that writing stars as substitute for swearwords will also get you warned or muted as users' can not distinguish what is what neither can we when you are being reported. Examples: Allowed wtf look at this <Pikachu> / - Allowed as "wtf" as abbreviation is allowed lmfao that is pretty funny / - Allowed as "lmfao" as abbreviation is allowed Not allowed you fucking cunt / - This is strictly against the rules and will get you muted I hate my fucking life / - This is not allowed but most of the time you will get warned here before you are getting muted I hate my ******** life / - This is also not allowed as we treat this the same was as we would treat the previously example. Users' can not distinguish between the two as both times it will show up as stars This game sucks. Staff is ****** lazy ******* and don't do nothing. X game is better then this trash heap. / - While feedback is appreciated, Excessively complaining or berating either the game or the staff in our chat rooms will lead to a warning and then a punishment if continued. We ask if you have any suggestions, please direct them to the forums and be patient. We try our best to continue to improve the game as volunteers, but berating staff or the game will not help. _____________________________________________ Explanation: This rule is very self-explanatory. You are not allowed to use any other language in any of our official chat channels besides English with no exception, you can expect to be warned and then muted every single time you use other languages. The only exception is the Other Chat which allows you to speak every language including English. This has to be enforced as it is unpractical and unreasonable to force every moderation staff to speak every language in the world, while we do have a very broad range on multicultural staff members this by far does not include all languages spoken in PRO. Examples: Allowed English / - You are not allowed to speak any other language under no circumstance even partly mixed with English Not allowed Every language other than English / - You are advised to use the language channels or the Other Chat _____________________________________________ Explanation: You are not allowed to discuss any form of sanctions, this also includes mutes and warnings. If you do have a problem or a complaint with a sanction you are free to make a complaint in our General Complaint Area however discusing it in-game will only lead to further sanctions. You are making it worse on yourself if you complain about it in-game instead of going to the proper channels for that. The same applies to reports and applications, those topics are to be handled in our forum. You will be warned and muted here when you continue to discuss/mention or make remarks about those subjects. Examples: Allowed You can apply as Moderator once the recruitment is open / - As a general rule of thumb, anything informative is allowed You can make an appeal in the forum / - As a general rule of thumb, anything informative is allowed Not allowed I applied as Moderator and will perma mute you all / - You can't make it public that you applied, this will reduce your chances to be accepted as well Why did I get muted/warned/banned? / - You are not allowed to discuss/ask about or question your sanctions in-game, use the proper forum for that Why did Bob get muted/warned/banned? / - You are not allowed to discuss/ask about or question other users' sanctions as well Nobody replies to my appeal...lazy staff / - We are just volunteers and do staff work in our free time, being frustrated that your appeal isn't being replied to in a few hours is understandable however you are allowed to bump it every 24 hours. Discussing it in-game or calling staffs lazy will get you nowhere and most of the time will have a negative impact on your case as well. _____________________________________________ Explanation: You are not allowed to freely advertise your livestreams without prior approval as we have to check your content first before we approve you. This is a very simple process to avoid non PG channels to be advertised in our channels. You will be warned and can expect to be redirected to our approval thread here, failure to adhere this will result in a mute. We do not allow advertising outside of PRO's scope as a whole, we can not moderate or restrict those things therefore we block them entirely. You can expect to be asked to drop the subject, be warned or be muted if you fail to follow. Examples: Allowed Come watch my livestream under / - If you are approved you can do that every 30 minutes Hey you can join our Japanese channel with /cgjoin japanese / - You are allowed to advertise language based chat channels Not allowed Come watch my livestream under / - If you are not approved, you will be warned or muted here Come lets play PokeMMO / - You are not allowed to advertise or discuss other Pokemon games -Any links even the ones from our forum- / - You are not allowed to post any links, with no exception not even our own forum Hey please follow me on twitter / - You are not allowed to advertise your personal channels or social media under any circumstances Hey join "realhelpchat" for an unfiltered help chat / - You are not allowed to advertise private channels, especially not to avoid moderation (we may moderate such private channels) _____________________________________________ Explanation: We do allow some level of civil discussion about these topics, however keep in mind that sometimes these topics can be highly offensive towards other users'. If you are asked to stop discussing a certain topic you should adhere to the staff members instructions. Failure to do so may result in warnings, mutes or even bans. We aim to have a peaceful game with peaceful discussions, no matter how bad the world may be outside. Examples: Allowed -As long as the discussion is kept civil and PG- / - We will not intervene as long as the conversation is kept civil and PG Not allowed Have you seen the mass shooting in X / - You will be asked to drop those topics almost instantly If you are a jew you are not a real human / - You will be muted for offensive comments aimed at a certain group of people, with no exception here. We do allow religious discussions but if it starts to get out of hand with insults, users' start to belittle each other based on their belief then we will intervene and stop the discussion _____________________________________________ Explanation: This rule is very self-explanatory and failure to follow suit will result in a warning/possible mute. There is no exception to this rule and if you are asked to stop spamming please do so. Examples: Allowed hello!!!! / - generally we allow up to 4-5 symbols however if this exceeds a certain threshold we may warn you Example / - You are allowed to answer multiple people in complete sentences hello my friends, how are you at this wonderful day you can find pikachu in viridian forest yes there was a new patch today no logan you can not do that Not allowed :DDDD HEEELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :333 ^^^^^^^ I have 1000000000000000 million pokedolar / - Excessive Letters, Symbols, Emojis, and Numbers will get you warned and muted Example / - repeating the same thing over and over again will get you warned and then muted Hi Hi Hi Hi Example / - cutting off your sentences to flood the channel is not allowed and will result in mutes Hi how are you Example / - Flooding by posting multiple Pokemon Links aggressively will also result in a punishment <Pokemon> <Pokemon> <Pokemon> <Pokemon> or <Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon> <Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon> <Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon> <Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon> <Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon><Pokemon> _____________________________________________ Explanation: The act of a mini-mod is to display any sense of authority or punishing-power, if this is not being uphold the user is not mini-modding. Users' are allowed to drop reminders in chat to follow the rules, this does not classify as a mini-mod however threatening to mute or ban someone is. We do appreciate the effort from our users' to keep the chats clean but if an actual staff member is online please avoid doing it as it is our job. Examples: Allowed hey man please don't spam, it is not allowed / - A reminder of the rules is not mini-modding all chat isn't for rating but you can use battle chat / - You can remind users' of certain rules and redirect them to the correct place Not allowed no spam here or I will ban you / - Any form threatening punishments or act as someone with authority / power is not allowed and will be sanctioned stop with the rating questions here or I will mute you / - Any form threatening punishments or act as someone with authority / power is not allowed and will be sanctioned _____________________________________________ Explanation: Asking about rates, builds are essential for almost every player in this game therefore we allow these types of questions in almost all the major chats. You can use All, Help or Battle chat for all these questions. Examples: Allowed hey man is this <Pikachu> good? / - A simple question about the rating of someones Pokemon <Raichu> rate? / - You can ask about the rate of your Pokemon Not allowed your Pikachu is -9999 out of 10 / - giving troll replies may end up with sanctions stop with the rating questions here / - Users' can use the 3 major chats for all rating/build related questions _____________________________________________ Explanation: Pricechecks are essential for new players but also for old players to determine an accurate price of their Pokemon. Those questions can be asked the same way as rating/build questions. Examples: Allowed hey man is this <Pikachu> worth anything? / - A simple priceheck about someones Pokemon <Raichu> pricecheck? / - You can ask about the price of your Pokemon Not allowed your Pikachu is worth 3$ trillion / - giving troll replies may end up with sanctions stop with the pricechecks here / - Users' can use the 3 major chats for pricechecks _____________________________________________ All Channel Explanation: All General rules explained above do apply here. You may be warned or muted if you do not follow them. Examples: All examples are given above, just keep it civil in this chat and follow all the rules and you should have no problems. _____________________________________________ Explanation: This is mainly a rule to avoid having these requests in Trade chat even if they involve trade evolutions. Examples: Allowed Hey can someone help me with my trade evolution? / - You can ask those questions in All-/Help Chat _____________________________________________ Explanation: Every moderation staff has to check if you are on the list of approved streamers before they warn/mute you otherwise the rule is self-explanatory and further explained in the respective thread. Examples: Allowed Come watch my livestream under / - If you are approved you can do that every 30 minutes Not allowed Come watch my livestream under / - If you are not approved, you will be warned or muted here Trade Channel Explanation: You should make yourself familiar with our Trade rules before you start using the trade chat as there are specific rules when trading that can easily be broken when you are unaware of them. Disregarding them may lead to sanctions issued. Examples: Not allowed -deceiving players- / - This may lead to mutes and Trade bans -false auctions- / - This may lead to mutes and Trade bans _____________________________________________ Explanation: All these rules are there to ensure that the Trade chat stays clean, only for trades and doesn't end up in spam chaos. We do currently have a 30 second timer in place that prevents you from posting again for 30 seconds after you made a post however this does not mean the 1 minute rule does not apply. You are still expected to wait the full minute. The Trade Chat is exclusively for trades and nothing else henceforth anything outside of trades may get you warned or muted including just posting random letters or words. Examples: Allowed Example / - You left exactly 5 posts in between your trades as per rules stated. 21:05:00 You: WTS <Gyarados> 500k 21:05:03 User A: wts rare candy 5k 21:05:05 User B: wts <Pikachu>10k 21:05:20 User C: wtb rare candy 3k 21:05:45 User D: wts <Raichu> 21:06:05 User E: wtb epic scizor 21:06:10 You: WTS <Gyarados> 500k! Not allowed Example / - You are not allowed to repeat the same sale over and over again unless you waited 1 minute and at least 5 posts are in between WTS <Gyarados> 500k WTS <Gyarados> 500k! WTS <Gyarados> 500k!! WTS <Gyarados> 500k!!!! where can I find Magikarp? / - The Trade chat is only for trading Pokemon, you can ask questions in Help Chat. Example / - All your trades must be in one line, otherwise it falls under spamming. (Tip: You can only link 5 Pokemon at the same time] WTS <Gyarados> 500k!! _____________________________________________ Explanation: Important to note here is that you by any means should avoid commenting on other users' Pokemon or prices even in private messages unless you have interest in buying them however this has to be civil. You should always contact buyers/sellers in private messages and not in Trade Chat, otherwise you find yourself warned or muted. Examples: Allowed -in private messages- hey are you able to lower the price of your gyarados, I think it is a little bit expensive / - a friendly and open dialogue with no insults Not allowed -in Trade Chat- omg way overpriced pikachu / - The Trade Chat is only for trades and nothing else, this will get you warned / muted -in private messages- omg way overpriced pikachu / - If you are reported for this behavior you may have sanctions issued against your account Help Channel Explanation: The Help Chat is a place for newcomers and beginners to ask questions about anything related to the game. If you want to showoff Pokemon, want to start conversations about quests or anything other than answering/asking these questions then you must use All Chat, Guild Chat, Other Chat or a private channel. It is almost impossible to not go off-topic sometimes however it is up to the moderating staff member when it is time to stop. You must accept what the moderating staff says otherwise you risk of being muted. We sadly can not make many exceptions here and will be enforcing this very strictly if we see that the chat is not being used for what it stands for. Examples: Allowed Where can I find Bills book? / - Any general questions about the story are allowed Where can I find Pikachu? / - Any questions about mechanics are allowed How long is the event? / - Any questions related to PRO are allowed How can I get access to love Island? / - Any questions related to quests and areas are allowed Not allowed hey guys look at what I just caught <Pikachu> / - initiating off-topic conversations may lead to warnings and mutes how are you guys? what a wonderful day / - initiating off-topic conversations may lead to warnings and mutes _____________________________________________ Explanation: You are not allowed to troll in Help Chat under any circumstances, if you are found doing that or spread false information you can expect to be muted. We understand that not everyone knows the correct information however we strongly advice against answering if you are not 100% sure if the answer is correct. However if you make a mistake we will not mute you for it, we are all just humans after all. Examples: Not allowed You get a bike when you go to the E4, type "bike" and go back to the bikeshop / - Any form of obvious trolling will get you warned if continued muted The Bike costs 100k / - You will be corrected for false information, not knowing the correct answer is totally fine, spreading false information over and over again is not You have to suck before you can get a mount / - Any form of obvious trolling that insults another user will get you muted Battle Channel Explanation: This rule comes in place when users' are starting to spread false information during their matches in Battle Chat, please just take your time reading the PvP Rules before you accuse someone of breaking those rules. You may report someone in the forum but discussing it in the Battle Chat is not allowed. If you are unsure about a rule you may ask it in Battle Chat but spreading purposely false information to benefit you will result in mutes. Examples: Allowed Hey Speed Boost Blaziken is banned in ranked PvP / - You are allowed to mention correct rules in the Battle Chat Flash is banned in PvP / - You are allowed to mention correct rules in the Battle Chat Not allowed OMG, legendaries are banned!! / - Please do not spread obvious false information in the Battle chat, this may lead to warnings and mutes You are allowed to use flash in ranked / - Not knowing all rules is understandable but please keep in mind that you must still follow them. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with them. _____________________________________________ Explanation: You may write "GG - Good game" in Battle Chat however under no circumstances can you taunt, harass or make fun of your opponents. This will be heavily sanctioned if found, you can expect to be muted here. Examples: Allowed hey man logan you played well / - A friendly positive note is always welcome after a ranked match good luck logan, may the best win / - A friendly postiive note to start the match is also always welcome Not allowed omg I am playing against logan, free rating / - Any form of taunting or disrespectful behavior will get you warned / muted logan you suck / - Any form of taunting or disrespectful behavior will get you warned / muted logan why are you even playing, you are losing all the time / - Any form of taunting or disrespectful behavior will get you warned / muted Other Channel Explanation: This rule is very self-explanatory, all other general rules apply here as well because it is an official in-game chat. Examples: Allowed -speaking your native language- / - You can speak your native language here. Not allowed -harassing others because they are not speaking your native language- / - You can speak in your native language here but do not harass anyone if they are not speaking the same language. Credits to Anduin, Qeight, Mutantnair, Fluffles for writing and contributing to the In-Game Chat Rules.
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