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Slot Machine System


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Game corner in Goldenrod City






Johto Champion

Beat Pewdie and Diepy

(Check them out in the boss guide!)



How to use


Purchase game coins from the Arcade Receptionist. Each coin costs 80k. You are allowed to buy up to 10 every 24 hours. Once you have your coins, interact with the slot machine! It is one coin per turn.





Each turn gives 1 reward point and 1 random prize. Reward points are only used here, and after gaining 5 you can exchange them for a syncable Pokemon. When you choose a random Pokemon as a reward, you will need to catch it. Bring both your sync and your false swiper! You can also use your reward points towards a shiny Pokemon. It is not guaranteed that it'll be shiny, however, the more reward points you spend then the higher the chance it will be. A 5% chance begins at 40 rewards points. The max you can use is 100 points for a 20% chance.



Syncable Pokemon











Shiny Pokemon


Marill, Ponyta, Gastly, Vulpix, Natu, Staryu, Cleffa, Wailmer



Random Prizes


2x Rare Candy

5x Weakness Policy

10x Lum Berry

5x Focus Sash

5x Air Balloon

1x Arcade game coin (You can exchange 5x Arcade game coin into 1 game coin)

Choice Band, Scarf, or Specs

Shed Shell

Life Orb

Black Medalion, Small MS Medallion, MS Medallion

Nature Ticket or Reroll Ticket

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