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Fashion Show Contest!

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Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce this month's event, the Fashion Show Event!

This event was conceptualized by @Geno, the winner of last month's Event Design Contest.

As part of his reward, his event will be featured as one of our monthly events.

Good luck to all the participants and we hope you enjoy!



Each player is to dress up using in-game clothing, based on each category.

There are three categories: Cool, Ugly, and Funny.

You can only submit one entry for each category.

There will be a winner and a runner-up for each category!

The event will end on September 26th, 2018.


*Please do not ride your mount in your screenshot!



You may only enter once per player. You can not enter from multiple accounts.

Any off-topic responses will be deleted.

You cannot copy the outfits found in the example.


Players who fail to comply with these rules will be DISQUALIFIED.



Please indicate your In-Game Name, Discord Tag and Server in your submissions!


IGN: Fluffles

Discord Tag: Cie#0996

Server: Gold













Reroll Ticket/2 Coin Capsules, Any available clothing or headgear item of choice, 150 PvE Coins



Reroll Ticket/2 Coin Capsules, Any available clothing or headgear item of choice (Worth 50 Coins), 100 PvE Coins



Q: How can I add images on the forums?

A: You can check out our Forum Images Guide for different ways on how to add images!


Q: How will I know if I am a winner?

A: An announcement on our PRO Official Discord will be made once the winners have been decided.

You will be contacted on Discord and on the forums if you are chosen.


Q: Can I use any clothing I own?

A: Yes! You can also check out the Clothing and Mount Showcase for some inspiration.


Q: Can I only submit an entry for one category?

A: You can apply for one, two, or all there. There are winners for each category.


Q: Can I win at two different categories?

A: No, if you're already a winner for one category, the runner up will be made the winner.


Q: Are the winners chosen per server?

A: No, the winners will be chosen from both servers.


Q: Why can't I ride my mount?

A: Your mount is not apart of the criteria. It'll make it hard for us to see your full outfit!


Q: Can I request a Pancham Hat/Fox Mask if I win?

A: Unfortunately, you can only request clothing/headgear available to players.


If you have any further questions, feel free to leave me a private message on the forums or via Discord! (Cie#0996)

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General Support PRO Reporting Punishment Policy Discipline Appeals


Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.

Unsolicited messages will be sent to the Black Forest, never to be seen again.

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