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Player - Staff Relations

This forum can be posted to exclusively by staff members. It's mainly used for announcements and recruitment.


  1. Announcements

    Here is where important announcements and latest news about the game can be found!

  2. Staff Recruitment

    Occasionally, staff may need to recruit new members to the team. Whenever necessary, posts will be opened here with instructions on how to apply.

      Forum rules:

    1. Do not PM staff to apply for the team whilst recruitment is closed.
    2. Do not spam applications or make your applications public.


  3. PRO Rules

    Hello prospective trainer!
    This sub-forum contains a list of all of PRO's Rules. Rules are expected to be followed and, as such, breaking them will result in punishment being issued to your account.
    As the account owner, you are responsible for what happens on your account. Please take the time to read PRO's Rules before playing.
    Thank you and we hope you enjoy the game!

    Team Revolution.

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