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  1. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/228166-box-filters/?do=findComment&comment=1355975
  2. Eaty

    Box Filters

    Hello, by far the most work for a new PC storage is the filter system. Adding new filters to the current system would be too much work that would ultimately be discarded in the end. Therefore, this won't happen before the rework.
  3. Hello, we currently don't have plans to add new rerolls. This is unlikely to change in the near future.
  4. Hello, that's not possible for Android unless I build another app with another app ID but I do not intend to do that.
  5. Hello, we do not plan to display all ranked matches in the trainer card.
  6. Eaty

    Pink Mounts

    Hello, I added all Arceus forms as mounts, and plan to add more pink mounts in the future.
  7. Hello, we let our players decide whether they want to make their caught Pokemon stats public.
  8. Hello, we already have many events, and managing them alongside new content is already hard. That's why we don't plan on adding more form events.
  9. Hello, it's a good idea, but I'm not sure if it's do-able. I'll keep it in mind for the future.
  10. Hello, currently, there are no plans to make PvP Coin Shop cosmetics tradable, apart from the prestige mounts.
  11. Hello, I don't intend to add the Paradox Pokemon as forms, especially not to their base Pokemon, as it would quickly lead to confusion.
  12. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/226066-pokémon-revolutioneers-hear-ye/?do=findComment&comment=1355376
  13. I am not entirely sure if I am a fan of it but I will think about it.
  14. Hello, currently, we don't have plans to add more move animations. Move animations require a significant amount of time because the implementation isn't very good. The complexity and workload will increase significantly in the future due to changes we have plan.
  15. I do not intend to add it in the Pokedex but it's definitely possible to track it once we implemented a stat tracking system in the future. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/225146-encounter-tracker/?do=findComment&comment=1355369
  16. Definitely an option but would be similar as Rayquaza size-wise. Currently, we are very limited with the mount-sizes.
  17. I don't intend to add the Hidden Power to the current Pokémon card as it's already full. Maybe in the future, if we ever get to rework the card, but for now, it's a definite no.
  18. Hello, I have a stat tracking system on my to-do list. However, I want a central system where I can add new stats to be tracked at any time. This is a somewhat larger project that might take some time, but it's in the plans.
  19. Hello, I implemented Party Exp. Share so it's global. I do not plan to change that.
  20. Hello, we might add breeding as alternative to hunting without being able to influence the IVs or ability in the future but we won't add eggs like that.
  21. Hello, we sadly cannot add Paysafecard as payment method.
  22. Hello, we do not plan to move the Arceus mounts out of the PvP Coin Shop.
  23. This was not intended and will be fixed in the next client.
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