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  1. Winners 1st Place: Ngdevil (1x Valentine Smeargle** + 1x IV-locked reroll) 2nd Place: Gqbby (1x Valentine Smeargle**) 3rd Place: Akalaz (1x IV-locked reroll) The rewards will be distributed within the next few days.
  2. Hello, if we add a new format in the future then it'd be either UU oder Uber. We do not plan to add a shiny-form pvp format.
  3. Hello, we do not plan to add options to increase the chance to encounter/get shinies and forms.
  4. Hello, we do not plan to make normal Pokemon editable. The only reason it's possible for legendaries is cause you can only catch one.
  5. Eaty

    Update Logs

    Changelog 01.04.2024: Added an idle animation for many mounts. Added mount effects for Valentine and Shadow mounts. Fixed a bug that caused other players who were idling to eventually be displayed facing right in your screen. Fixed bugs that allowed regular players to write colored chat messages and change the text of clickable links. The reconnect code should now be a bit more robust. Fixed exponential scaling of LoS checks with NPC count. Added keybindings for Backpack, Pokedex, and World Map. Adjusted the Christmas in-battle snow effect. Added new Valentine forms and chromas. Added more than 100 new mounts. Few small reworks, clean-ups and optimizations.
  6. Hey, that's hard to do cause every single stone has its own cooldown.
  7. The following Mega Mounts have been added or will be added after the next client update: All Charizard-themed Megas Mega Garchomp (plus its forms) Mega Tyranitar (plus its forms) Mega Rayquaza Mega Metagross (plus its forms) Mega Aerodactyl (not yet finished) Mega Mewtwo X (not yet finished) Mega Mewtwo Y (not yet finished) Mega Salamence (not yet finished) Mega Gengar (not yet finished) Furthermore, Arceus, including all 36 variants, plus its Christmas-themed form, has been added.
  8. Implemented in the next client.
  9. I will look into it and try to add it in the next client update. In general, it shouldn't be a problem. It will just be a bit tedious.
  10. We'll keep the campfire burning for your return whenever you're ready to jump back in.
  11. Eaty


    Hello, it is practically impossible for the server to automatically check account connections, making it technically impossible. And even if this were possible, we would reject this suggestion, as it would be pointless to save the OT at all.
  12. Hello, I already added a window that pops up when a player encounters a form or shiny. This needs to be either closed or you have to wait for ten seconds before the battle window responds to input again. If that's not sufficient, you should pay more attention to the game window. I don't intend to take any further measures in this regard. This counts for forms, shinies, and normal Pokemon.
  13. Hello, this has been suggested and rejected multiple times in the past.
  14. Hello, free name changes have various problems. They are very database-heavy, and all our name changes are manually reviewed and approved by GMs. We do not have the resources to offer this.
  15. Locked as there's no suggestion in that post. Please use the correct subforum for complaints.
  16. Hey, I will put them on my to-do list.
  17. Locked as implemented.
  18. Hello, we have no plans to offer Party Exp. Share in the Coin Shop or to apply this effect permanently.
  19. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/231503-pvp-pp-ability-display-system/?do=findComment&comment=1401014
  20. Hello, that is definitely something we can implement in the future once we rework the Social Tab. However, it might take some time.
  21. Hello, I have thought about this multiple times in the past and I still don't know which direction we want to take in PRO regarding the visual representation of various PvP-relevant data such as remaining or used PP, the moves used, and the potential remaining rounds of weather and field effects. Currently, I am not a big fan of most of these suggestions, as tracking them is an essential skill in PvP. This view may change in the future, but for now, I deny this suggestion.
  22. With the next server restart, the Hindi channel will be permanent. However, this does not affect the NPC in the starting area. That would need to be adjusted by the scripters. Nevertheless, the channel should no longer need to be recreated after every server restart.
  23. Hello, we have 50-60 hairstyles that have not been released yet. Unfortunately, it's not just about the hairstyles, it also requires mapping to change the hairstyle with certain headgears so that the hair, for example, doesn't clip through the headgear. This mapping process is quite time-consuming. We will definitely do it in the future. Before we finish the already completed hairstyles, we won't be accepting any new hairstyle suggestions.
  24. Hello, we have already made several attempts to create an adjustable and usable AI, and we have some usable results. However, we still need to work on it, and it's not yet clear whether it will make it into the game. However, I don't consider it unlikely.
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