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  1. We are thinking about adding more stats for the players. Which stats would you like to get tracked? We thought about these so far (some were inspired by other games): Feel free to suggest more possible stats we could track.
  2. Hello, we do not plan to implement a system message for rare shiny or form encounters. This will only annoy other users. May it be for the potential PM spam or the chat spam - regardless of the message.
  3. Hello, that's absolutely not implementable and therefore denied. We cannot use the Windows file explorer but do plan to rework the box as some point.
  4. Hello, as many already commented we implemented KO Drops for that and won't add a second item for the same purpose.
  5. As there's no specified suggestion from the creator I'll lock the post.
  6. Eaty


    Hello, we do not plan to do that. At some point, we do plan to implement Running Shoes that can be used in buildings tho.
  7. Hello, we have no plans to implement single IV rerolls right now and if then only for legendaries.
  8. Hello, we already have a Max Repel bulk seller.
  9. Please read the explanation in the post, no comments possible! The vote is only for me to see what the community would like to get implemented the most. The vote most likely doesn't affect the actual order but I am very interested! Part 2 of WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE US TO PRIORITIZE FOR THE NEXT BIG UPDATE? Box rework //A general box rework to add more filters, split the boxes, add mass delete and so on. Auction House //If - and only if - we implement an Auction then most likely only for Pokemon, not for items. Visual for environment moves //Probably just a new background as long as the rooms are active, Artists where are you?! Visual for active stat changes //Not sure how to do that yet, might be a space-related problem. Show the Pokemon instead of a Pokeball in PvP battles //Replace the Pokeball icons with the Pokemon icons. I already looked into it and found a few problems with Android. It's really hard to identify the Pokemon. PvP elo system //Easy to say, hard to do. Team Builder //Create teams with your Pokemon and replace your whole team with a single click instead of looking for every Pokemon in your box. Player/Social window rework //Similar rework as PvP window but for the social tab. We could possibly add following features: Weekly Boss Limit Counter, Boss Cooldowns Page: NPC sprite, Name, Location, Current Win-Streak, Cooldown timer, Friendlist: Status Message, Friendlist: Last Online, Guild: Last Online, Guild: User Rating, Guild: Input field and invite button, so you can invite cross map without having to use the command, Guild Creating in Social/Player Window, /foreveralone Check Box, Time Ladder, PMs Enabled/Disabled Option instead of using the online status as indicator. Slider to change how many users you can see on the same map //To unburden old hardware without the need to use foreveralone. Options to see friends- and/or guildies-only as well. Z-Moves //Guess pretty much everyone knows how Z-Moves work. Pulverizing Pancake opop. Reconnect //That's not only for PvP but in general so users that disconnect unplanned reconnect without even realizing it in the background. Lending Trade //You know, implementing the feature we failed to implemented without bugs twice another time.
  10. Hello, for the top25 post we use the Reborn Bot output. The Reborn Bot ignores the ratio and always places the player higher that registered earlier. The in-game ladder uses the ratio and rewards the players correct. There's nothing to worry about.
  11. Hello, it's not limited to PvP/wild battles but reconnect will be implemented with the next client-server update.
  12. Well, that's not really connected as Devs would need to work on housing while scripters work on regions, quests and events but yes.
  13. Hello, we do not have any plans to make non-legendary Pokemon edit-able outside of Summer Tournament rewards.
  14. Hello, we locked the Pokeballs exactly for this reason. I am not sure when but we do plan an EV-area spawn overhaul.
  15. Hello, I added this a long time ago for the Magic Mirror already and planned to add it in the Coin Shop as well but actually forgot about it. Right now, I am very busy but I'll look into it soonish.
  16. Eaty

    Quest progress

    Hello, a quest helper would definitely help the game and I'd really like to add one. The work I have to do it far less than what scripters have to do. Right now, I am very busy with other PRO-related projects but a quest helper is definitely on the to-do list.
  17. Yeah, yeah. I reverted it again. I re-added it now. Let's hope I don't revert it again.
  18. Hello, that's sadly not that easy right now but I do plan to add a hotkey number in the option in the future.
  19. Hello, once the story rework is complete and players can decide the region order or possibly pause a region to start/play another one this might be something to consider. Currently it's sadly not an option. Not a no but a not yet.
  20. Hello, we implemented the egg slot back in the days when we realistically weren't able to implement breeding. Nowadays it's different and if we want to add it, it wouldn't be much of a problem. Due to that fact, we don't need the slot anymore. I'll definitely change or delete it at some point but I am not sure about a Z-Crystal/Mega Stone slot yet. I will consider it.
  21. I am not really a fan of your idea but what do you think about a global Bug Catching Contest where you have to beat players instead of NPCs?
  22. I can hardly believe it. Our little loveable fire hedgehog doesn't get invited to Pinkan. I will have a serious word with our artists and maybe fire our spawn editors.
  23. Hello, we intentionally didn't add broken MS-feature cause we don't want to make the game pay to win. I do plan to add more little MS-feature such as the Random battle benefit where MS users get a guaranteed shiny for temporary assigned Pokemon that disappear again after the battle ended.
  24. Hello, we want to motivate our players to PvP and not restrict them by rules that solve no active problem. Sniping and ghosting are problems you won't be able to fix that way.
  25. Hello, it was due to a fail. They are shiny- and form-locked now.
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