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Bug Catching Contest


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What is the contest?

Where can I find the contest?

What can I catch there?

How does it work?

How are the scores calculated?

What rewards can I get?




The Bug Catching Contest is a new zone with unique spawns and rewards where you can compete against other NPCs.

In order to join this contest, you have to sign up a Pokemon. This can be any Pokemon, but I highly suggest you to use either a False Swipe or Sychronize Pokemon. You can also use Mew, which gets both False Swipe and Synchronize as its ability.

You will have 20 minutes to capture as many Bug-type Pokemon as possible. The better their stats are, the better rewards you will receive.

In the area you can delete unwanted Pokemon by talking to the Bug Pokemon Manager.

Once the 20 minutes end or you disconnect while you are doing the contest, you will enter the Contest Hall and the Judge will choose the best Bug-type Pokemon.

You can participate once on every day. There is a server based cooldown, which resets the Bug Catching Contest cooldown every day at 00:00, GMT +0.




Travel to Route 35, located north of Goldenrod City or west of Violet City.




Walk inside the stophouse and you will find a Guard standing there. Interact with the Guard to start the contest or to find some general information about the contest.






All the Pokemon in the contest can be caught all day long. None of the Pokemon require an active Membership Medalion.


Bug Catching Area #Pokemon Area Daytime Rarity MS Level Item
Ariados Land M/D/N Tier 4 No 15-19 -
Beedrill Land M/D/N Tier 5 No 15-19 Poison Barb
Butterfree Land M/D/N Tier 5 No 15-19 Silverpowder
Cascoon Land M/D/N Tier 2 No 15-19 -
Caterpie Land M/D/N Tier 1 No 15-19 -
Dwebble Land M/D/N Tier 9 No 15-19 -
Heracross Land M/D/N Tier 9 No 15-18 -
Joltik Land M/D/N Tier 9 No 15-19 -
Kakuna Land M/D/N Tier 2 No 15-19 -
Larvesta Land M/D/N Tier 8 No 15-19 -
Ledian Land M/D/N Tier 3 No 15-19 -
Ledyba Land M/D/N Tier 1 No 15-19 -
Metapod Land M/D/N Tier 2 No 15-19 -
Mothim Land M/D/N Tier 9 No 15-19 -
Paras Land M/D/N Tier 1 No 15-19 -
Parasect Land M/D/N Tier 3 No 15-19 -
Pineco Land M/D/N Tier 8 No 15-19 -
Pinsir Land M/D/N Tier 8 No 15-19 -
Scyther Land M/D/N Tier 8 No 15-19 -
Shelmet Land M/D/N Tier 9 No 15-19 -
Shuckle Land M/D/N Tier 9 No 15-19 -
Silcoon Land M/D/N Tier 2 No 15-19 -
Spinarak Land M/D/N Tier 1 No 15-19 -
Weedle Land M/D/N Tier 1 No 15-19 -
Wormadam Land M/D/N Tier 9 No 15-19 -
Yanma Land M/D/N Tier 4 No 15-19 -




1. Go to the Stop House and interact with the guard.




2. Enter the area and capture some Bug-type Pokemon.




▹ Interact with the Contest Pokemon Evaluation NPC to know how high the score of your caught Bug-type Pokemon is.

▹ Any unwanted Bug-type Pokemon with low scores can be removed with the help of the Bug Pokemon Remover/Manager.

▹ If you run out of Pokeballs, don't worry. There is a Great Ball Seller located in the Area.

▹ When you run out of potions or revives, you can heal your Pokemon with the help of Nurse Joy for a small fee of 2.500$.


3. Once the time ends or you are satisfied with the Pokemon you have caught, you will enter the Contest Hall.

▹ All the Pokemon caught in the Bug Catching Contest Area are for you to keep.

▹ The placement in the contest is based on the scoring, which can be found below.


4. Talk to the Contest Judge in the middle of the room.




5. Talk to every participant in the contest. Every participant simulates a different catching strategy and they have odds according to it.




6. Once you talked to every participant, interact with the Contest Judge once again to get your reward based on your score. Scoring a tie against a participant gives you rewards for the position you have tied for.


Here is an example:









The scoring is based on a few variables, which are the following;


▹Level: 1 Level = 1 score and 25 is the highest possible level.

▹ IV's: 1 IV = 1 score


▹Tiers: The higher the tier of the Pokemon, the higher the score.


Tier 1:

Caterpie, Cascoon, Kakuna, Ledyba, Metapod, Paras, Silcoon, Spinarak and Weedle

Tier 2:

Ariados, Beedrill, Butterfree, Ledian, Parasect, Pineco, Yanma, Beautifly and Dustox

Tier 3:

Dwebble, Joltik, Shelmet, Shuckle and Wormadam

Tier 4:

Heracross, Larvesta, Mothim, Pinsir and Scyther


The underlined Pokemon cannot be caught in the Area but can be obtained by leveling up.


▹Shiny or not shiny


Now onto the calculation itself.


These are the base scores:

▹ Tier 1: 50 Base score

▹ Tier 2: 75 Base score

▹ Tier 3: 100 Base score

▹ Tier 4: 130 Base score

▹ Shiny multiplier: x1.5

(Credits to yveltalray for his research on the base scores)


The calculation: Base score + Level + Total IVs


A Few Examples




Tier 1 Calculation



Base Score 50 + 15 Level + 96 IVs (2, 8, 29, 17, 24, 16) = 161 Scoring





Tier 2 Calculation



Base Score 75 + 17 Level + 96 IVs (2, 8, 29, 17, 24, 16) = 188 Scoring





Tier 3 Calculation



Base Score 100 + 25 Level + 125 IVs (22, 25, 25, 27, 1, 25) = 250 Scoring





Tier 4 Calculation



Base Score 130 + 25 Level + 134 IVs (29, 19, 2, 22, 31, 31) = 289 Scoring





Shiny Multiplier Calculation



(Base Score 100 + 25 Level + 186 IVs (31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31)) x 1.5 = 466 Scoring











▹ 25k Poke$ / Beautifly Wings

▹ 25k Poke$ / Dustox Wings

▹ 25k Poke$ / 1x Master Ball

▹ 25k Poke$ / 1x Toxic Orb

▹ 25k Poke$ / 1x Life Orb

▹ 25k Poke$ / 1x Flame Orb

▹ 25k Poke$ / Karrablast (1/4096 Shiny chance)

▹ 25k Poke$ / Surskit (1/4096 Shiny chance)

▹ 25k Poke$ / Venipede (1/4096 Shiny chance)

▹ 25k Poke$ / 3x Focus Sash

▹ 25k Poke$ / 3x PP Up

▹ 25k Poke$ / 3x Rare Candy

▹ 3 PvE Coins



▹ 10k Poke$ / Butterfree Wings

▹ 10k Poke$ / Beedrill Wings

▹ 10k Poke$ / 5x Ultra Balls

▹ 10k Poke$ / 2x PP Up

▹ 10k Poke$ / 2x Focus Sash

▹ 10k Poke$ / 2x Rare Candy

▹ 10k Poke$ / 1x Weakness Policy

▹ 10k Poke$ / 1x Scope Lens

▹ 10k Poke$ / Kricketot (1/4096 Shiny chance)

▹ 10k Poke$ / Volbeat (1/4096 Shiny chance)

▹ 10k Poke$ / Illumise (1/4096 Shiny chance)

▹ 2 PvE Coins



▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x Focus Sash

▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x Rare Candy

▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x PP Up

▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x Straw Hat 2

▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x Straw Hat 1

▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x Wise Glasses

▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x Quick Claw

▹ 5k Poke$ / 1x Muscle Band

▹ 1 PvE Coin



▹ 1k Poke$ for participation



▹ 100k$ additionally when you submit a Shiny Pokemon



▹ 1x Volcarona Wings (One time reward)





▹ 140+ IV Bug Pokemon

▹ 500+ in-game hours



▹ Talk to the Contest Judge and submit your 140+ IV Pokemon

▹ He will tell you that he has never seen such a high IV'ed Pokemon and that you should follow him.

▹ Outside of the area you can talk to him in order to catch your Genesect. Make sure to bring a Synchronize Pokemon and maybe a Master Ball.

▹ Note that even if you don't have 500 hours on your account, you can still catch the 140 IV'ed Pokemon and catch the Genesect once you have 500 hours.

▹ Catch the Genesect




I hope that this guide helped you with your questions about the Bug Catching Contest. Good luck in the contest!


Nebulas, original owner of the former version of the guide: Bug Catching Contest Guide

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