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Hello, we are SilverNabs and Nabs. We are an open community who like to have fun and goof around.

Limited rules, easygoing moderation, and lots of liberty on what you can say and do.




About Silvernabs/Nabs-

Silvernabs is a PvE focused guild aimed at having fun. 

Silvernabs was created in April of 2019 with the explicit goal of having a good time playing PRO with friends and sharing our experiences doing so.

Quickly, it expanded into something that we didn't expect.

We welcome new players and veteran players, alike. Newer members are particularly welcome.

We keep expanding and hope you will join us.


Nabs was created in August of 2020. 

The reason for its creation was to expand our guild and to give our PvP players a chance to combine their rating and try to reach the guild ladder.

It is more PvP focused than Silvernabs, but it is still not a "PvP guild".

We refrain from becoming a PvP focused guild because often times those communities are too busy worrying about rating and ladder than having fun.

This contradicts our original creation goal, thus we remain a PvE guild.



Our Focus-

Our "special" members help others and enjoy themselves along the way.

Even before our creation, our small group was helping players in Silver server's Help Chat, and we will continue to do so.



While we aren't a PvP-focused guild, we have several dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic members

willing to discuss strategies and offer advice to aspiring players.

We have a sister guild named Nabs which is more PvP focused, but PvP remains a secondary goal.




Bossing guides and assistance

Daily giveaways

Free Dex service for all members

Bi-Weekly hunting events

Overall help and guidance with every aspect of the game




Have Discord- This is the easiest way to relay information and communicate.

Be active- We don't require that members log in every day, but a couple times a week will suffice.




How to apply-

The main way of applying is to reply to this thread with your discord ID and your IGN. This is an effective way of contacting us about your interest in joining.

Messaging one of the officers in-game is another option, but it is not as reliable. 

Finally, joining the discord server is a guarantee that we will notice your interest. This way, you can ask us directly about joining.



Silvernabs Discord Server


gio#0879 - feel free to contact me if you’re interested in joining

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