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Reworked Dig Spots Guide - 10.05.2019


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Feel free to post in here or send me a message if you have any informations regarding reworked spawns.




To find a specific Pokemon or Item just open up the spoilers and use CTRL+F search function.




1. Fossils/Rare Pokemon:







clawfossil.pngClaw Fossil - Dark Cave South, Mt. Mortar, Slowpoke Well L1

domefossil.pngDome Fossil - Route 15

helixfossil.pngHelix Fossil - Route 3, Route 15, Digglet's Cave, Mt. Moon 1F, Rock Tunnel 1, Rock Tunnel 2

jawfossil.pngJaw Fossil - Route 211, Maniac Tunnel, Mt. Coronet Summit, Ravaged Path

oldamber.pngOld Amber - Route 3, Mt. Moon 1F, Mt. Moon 2F

rootfossil.pngRoot Fossil - Dark Cave South, Mt. Mortar, Sevii Island 6, Slowpoke Well, Slowpoke Well L1

sailfossil.pngSail Fossil - Route 209, Route 210 North, Route 211, Oreburgh Gate B1F, Sevii Island 6




Rare Pokemon


aron.pngAron - Route 3, Rock Tunnel 2, Ravaged Path

baltoy.pngBaltoy - Rock Tunnel 1, Rock Tunnel 2, Route 211, Mt. Coronet Summit, Sevii Island 7

bronzor.pngBronzor - Rock Tunnel 2, Route 15

drilbur.pngDrilbur - Diglett's Cave, Mt. Mortar, Mt. Coronet Summit

hippopotas.pngHippopotas - Slowpoke Well L1, Route 210 North

honedge.pngHonedge - Mt. Moon 1F, Dark Cave South, Route 211

larvitar.pngLarvitar - Mt. Moon B2F, Maniac Tunnel, Sevii Island 7

nosepass.pngNosepass - Dark Cave South, Route 209, Oreburgh Gate B1F

phanpy.pngPhanpy - Slowpoke Well L1, Maniac Tunnel, Route 210 North, Ravaged Path

roggenrola.pngRoggenrola - Slowpoke Well, Oreburgh Gate B1F, Sevii Island 6

stunfisk.pngStunfisk - Mt. Moon B2F, Slowpoke Well, Mt. Mortar, Oreburgh Gate B1F

trapinch.pngTrapinch - Route 14, Sevii Island 6








2. Kanto:





Diglett's Cave


diglett.pngDiglett drilbur.pngDrilburdugtrio.pngDugtrio


freshwater.pngFresh Water flyinggem.pngFlying Gem pokeball.pngPokeball protein.pngProtein


duskstone.pngDusk Stone fastball.pngFast Ball reapercloth.pngReaper Cloth starpiece.pngStar Piece


helixfossil.pngHelix Fossil




Route 3


aron.pngAron geodude.pngGeodude rhyhorn.pngRhyhorn


buggem.pngBug Gem hardstone.pngHard Stone hyperpotion.pngHyper Potion iron.pngIron pokeball.pngPokeball sitrusberry.pngSitrus Berry


leftovers.pngLeftovers nugget.pngNugget pixieplate.pngPixie Plate sunstone.pngSun Stone


helixfossil.pngHelix Fossil oldamber.pngOld Amber




Mt. Moon 1F


geodude.pngGeodude honedge.pngHonedge


darkgem.pngDark Gem hardstone.pngHard Stone pokeball.pngPokeball


moonstone.pngMoon Stone rarecandy.pngRare Candy stardust.pngStardust sunstone.pngSun Stone


helixfossil.pngHelix Fossil oldamber.pngOld Amber




Mt. Moon B2F


larvitar.pngLarvitar onix.pngOnix stunfisk.pngStunfisk


dragongem.pngDragon Gem iron.pngIron pokeball.pngPokeball revive.pngRevive


moonball.pngMoon Ball moonstone.pngMoon Stone netball.pngNet Ball rarecandy.pngRare Candy


oldamber.pngOld Amber




Rock Tunnel 1


baltoy.pngBaltoy diglett.pngDiglett graveler.pngGraveler


carbos.pngCarbos electricgem.pngElectric Gem pokeball.pngPokeball


levelball.pngLevel Ball moonball.pngMoon Ball netball.pngNet Ball nugget.pngNugget rarecandy.pngRare Candy


helixfossil.pngHelix Fossil




Rock Tunnel 2


aron.pngAron baltoy.pngBaltoy bronzor.pngBronzor


fairygem.pngFairy Gem hardstone.pngHard Stone iron.pngIron pokeball.pngPokeball revive.pngRevive


leftovers.pngLeftovers moonball.pngMoon Ball starpiece.pngStar Piece


helixfossil.pngHelix Fossil




Route 14


geodude.pngGeodude graveler.pngGraveler trapinch.pngTrapinch


carbos.pngCarbos fightinggem.pngFighting Gem freshwater.pngFresh Water pokeball.pngPokeball potion.pngPotion


dawnstone.pngDawn Stone levelball.pngLevel Ball sunstone.pngSun Stone




Route 15


bronzor.pngBronzor geodude.pngGeodude


firegem.pngFire Gem pokeball.pngPokeball superpotion.pngSuper Potion


flameplate.pngFlame Plate levelball.pngLevel Ball nestball.pngNest Ball reapercloth.pngReaper Cloth revivalherb.pngRevival Herb


domefossil.pngDome Fossil helixfossil.pngHelix Fossil







3. Johto:





Slowpoke Well


geodude.pngGeodude roggenrola.pngRoggenrola stunfisk.pngStunfisk


calcium.pngCalcium ghostgem.pngGhost Gem pokeball.pngPokeball sodapop.pngSoda Pop


fastball.pngFast Ball leftovers.pngLeftovers nestball.pngNest Ball nugget.pngNugget


rootfossil.pngRoot Fossil




Slowpoke Well L1


geodude.pngGeodude hippopotas.pngHippopotas phanpy.pngPhanpy


grassgem.pngGrass Gem paralyzeheal.pngParalyze Heal pokeball.pngPokeball potion.pngPotion protein.pngProtein sitrusberry.pngSitrus Berry


friendball.pngFriend Ball ironplate.pngIron Plate leftovers.pngLeftovers


clawfossil.pngClaw Fossil rootfossil.pngRoot Fossil




Dark Cave South


honedge.pngHonedge nosepass.pngNosepass onix.pngOnix


calcium.pngCalcium groundgem.pngGround Gem paralyzeheal.pngParalyze Heal pokeball.pngPokeball sodapop.pngSoda Pop


leftovers.pngLeftovers reapercloth.pngReaper Cloth


clawfossil.pngClaw Fossil rootfossil.pngRoot Fossil




Mt. Mortar


drilbur.pngDrilbur geodude.pngGeodude stunfisk.pngStunfisk


icegem.pngIce Gem pokeball.pngPokeball protein.pngProtein


dawnstone.pngDawn Stone lureball.pngLure Ball revivalherb.pngRevival Herb splashplate.pngSplash Plate stardust.pngStardust sunstone.pngSun Stone


clawfossil.pngClaw Fossil rootfossil.pngRoot Fossil







4. Sinnoh:





Route 209


nosepass.pngNosepass sandshrew.pngSandshrew


burnheal.pngBurn Heal greatball.pngGreat Ball pokeball.pngPokeball ppup.pngPP Up steelgem.pngSteel Gem


everstone.pngEverstone nugget.pngNugget repeatball.pngRepeat Ball


sailfossil.pngSail Fossil




Maniac Tunnel (east from Solaceon Town)


larvitar.pngLarvitar onix.pngOnix phanpy.pngPhanpy


antidote.pngAntidote ether.pngEther normalgem.pngNormal Gem pokeball.pngPokeball ultraball.pngUltra Ball zinc.pngZinc


friendball.pngFriend Ball reapercloth.pngReaper Cloth


jawfossil.pngJaw Fossil




Route 210 North


hippopotas.pngHippopotas phanpy.pngPhanpy sandshrew.pngSandshrew


awakening.pngAwakening elixir.pngElixir pokeball.pngPokeball sitrusberry.pngSitrus Berry watergem.pngWater Gem


bignugget.pngBig Nugget dawnstone.pngDawn Stone ovalstone.pngOval Stone ppmax.pngPP Max softsand.pngSoft Sand


sailfossil.pngSail Fossil




Route 211


baltoy.pngBaltoy graveler.pngGraveler honedge.pngHonedge


fullheal.pngFull Heal greatball.pngGreat Ball pokeball.pngPokeball


fullrestore.pngFull Restore ovalstone.pngOval Stone ppmax.pngPP Max rarecandy.pngRare Candy repeatball.pngRepeat Ball


jawfossil.pngJaw Fossil sailfossil.pngSail Fossil




Mt. Coronet Summit


baltoy.pngBaltoy drilbur.pngDrilbur graveler.pngGraveler


antidote.pngAntidote iceheal.pngIce Heal poisongem.pngPoison Gem pokeball.pngPokeball zinc.pngZinc


everstone.pngEverstone softsand.pngSoft Sand


jawfossil.pngJaw Fossil




Oreburgh Gate B1F (R203-Oreburgh City)


nosepass.pngNosepass roggenrola.pngRoggenrola stunfisk.pngStunfisk


elixir.pngElixir iceheal.pngIce Heal ppup.pngPP Up pokeball.pngPokeball psychicgem.pngPsychic Gem ultraball.pngUltra Ball


dawnstone.pngDawn Stone netball.pngNet Ball


sailfossil.pngSail Fossil




Ravaged Path (R204)


aron.pngAron phanpy.pngPhanpy sandshrew.pngSandshrew


burnheal.pngBurn Heal pokeball.pngPokeball rockgem.pngRock Gem ultraball.pngUltra Ball


duskstone.pngDusk Stone netball.pngNet Ball softsand.pngSoft Sand stardust.pngStardust zapplate.pngZap Plate


jawfossil.pngJaw Fossil






5. Sevii Islands:





Sevii Island 6


diglett.pngDiglett roggenrola.pngRoggenrola trapinch.pngTrapinch


fullheal.pngFull Heal hpup.pngHP Up pokeball.pngPokeball


everstone.pngEverstone fullrestore.pngFull Restore lureball.pngLure Ball ovalstone.pngOval Stone rarecandy.pngRare Candy


rootfossil.pngRoot Fossil sailfossil.pngSail Fossil




Sevii Island 7


baltoy.pngBaltoy graveler.pngGraveler larvitar.pngLarvitar


iceheal.pngIce Heal paralyzeheal.pngParalyze Heal pokeball.pngPokeball


bignugget.pngBig Nugget dawnstone.pngDawn Stone everstone.pngEverstone ppmax.pngPP Max rarecandy.pngRare Candy repeatball.pngRepeat Ball



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Dread Plate in Mt. Moon B2F


Slowpoke Well L1 - Phanphy is not MS-only Pokemon

Mt. Mortar - Stunfisk is not MS-only Pokemon


Route 211 - Full Restore

Mt. Coronet Summit - Leftovers

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