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  1. sorry I didn't know it was reported thanks for follow up have a great day
  2. pokemondb.net says it can learn sludge wave in Gen6 and Gen7 Volcanion moves Gen7
  3. Name of the move: Spiky Shield What is bugged: it always go first but it doesn't prevent damage and if the opp Pokemon used status move it also trigger result in damaging the opp Pokemon Generation 6
  4. Hi I can't see Vice Mayor Butch where he should be and I can't start the quest because the NPC is not there, I already did the quest in previous year and I already have Darkari from previous year quest. Thanks for your time and help.
  5. NAME CHANGE Username: Djehuti New Username: Tor Server to charge the money from: Silver please I want 3 letter name. thank you.
  6. great thread hoping someday you can fully complete it. thank you for adding my Aggron.
  7. I got other OT shinies but Aggron is my rarest OT
  8. Re: ♦ Multiserver Coin/Coin items Giveaway (Red/Blue/Yellow) ♦ <r>cool count me in......but can you guess which server ?<br/> here is hint :p <br/> <br/> <BBVIDEO bbvideo0="560" bbvideo1="315" content=" [bBvideo=560,315]</s><URL url=" [/bBvideo]</e></BBVIDEO><br/> <br/> Good luck all :D</r>
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