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Hello @Norex. Unfortunately, you have to auction the pokemon once again. Considering the type of infraction for which he was punished, the staff in charge of his case had made it clear that a force trade won't be possible here. Sorry for the inconvenience.



~A strong man stands above and conquers all~

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Auction rules


Auctions with 500k+ s.o. will last 3 days (72h) after first bid and have a minimum bid of 100k

Auctions below 500k s.o. will last 2 days (48h) after first bid and have a minimum bid of 50k

Movesets can be changed to your liking without any extra charge

No insta prices yet, I may add some later on


Accepted payments


Coin Capsule = 250k

Reroll Ticket = 650k




Ingame: Norex / Norex2

Discord: Norex #7322





Volcarona #1 s.o. 1m

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107373]107373[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=full" alt="107374]107374[/ATTACH]



Volcarona #2 s.o. 400k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107371]107371[/ATTACH][ATTACH type=full" alt="107372]107372[/ATTACH]



Heracross s.o. 600k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107797]107797[/ATTACH]



Clefable c.o. 400k by ThatsAlexx

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107798]107798[/ATTACH]



Mandibuzz s.o. 300k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107186]107186[/ATTACH]



Torkoal s.o. 350k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107189]107189[/ATTACH]



Hydreigon s.o. 250k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107779]107779[/ATTACH]


Skarmory s.o. 300k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107780]107780[/ATTACH]



Tyrantrum s.o. 500k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107197]107197[/ATTACH]



Florges s.o. 250k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107649]107649[/ATTACH]


Snorlax s.o. 150k

[ATTACH type=full" alt="107650]107650[/ATTACH]

How much is kabutops

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