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  1. Try to delete all the files you downloaded again, clear some space on your phone and reboot it. After that try to download it again and see if that works.
  2. https://pokemonrevolution.net/download Choose Android and then DDL.
  3. Try to use another download provider, DDL for example.
  4. Hey, happiness evolutions are currently bugged. To fix it faint your Eevee in a wild battle, restart your client and heal it in a pokecenter. Get it to max happiness again during daytime and it should evolve.
  5. Could you try to disable the controller on your keybinding settings and see if that fixes it?
  6. Could you try to disable the controller on your keybinding settings and see if that fixes it?
  7. There is no Dual Chop Tutor in PRO from what I know.
  8. Hey, thats already a thing.
  9. Could it be that you are using mobile data? Unfortunately PRO can have issues when using mobile data, I would suggest to try to use WIFI instead. If that is not an option then you can also try to use a VPN while using mobile data.
  10. You need to be in a guild that was top3 on the guildladder during the last season. You also need to contribute 10 rating during that season. Another way is to contribute 20 mysterious tickets within a guild. You can also read about it on the forum guide: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/181573-guild-island-guide
  11. +1, people are fainting their pokemon for a reason. Using an escape rope or using a teleporter shouldnt heal your pokemon as it doesnt make sense in the first place. To heal your pokemon you have to give the pokeballs to a Nurse Joy in a pokecenter.
  12. Norex


    You are probably missing some requirement then, did you check them on the guide? ▹ Hoenn Champion ▹ 6 level 80+ Pokemon
  13. If you encounter a pokemon you have to open your bag and choose a pokeball you want to use to catch the pokemon.
  14. Norex


    Hey, here is a quest-guide for the quest you have to do to be able to go to Sinnoh. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/160991-how-to-get-to-sinnoh/ Make sure to give that a read to see what you might have done wrong or what you missed exactly.
  15. You need max happiness to evolve it to Blissey. The orange bar indicates the happiness and you can check the exact value with the command /happy 1-6 (number depends on the party-slot you want to check). The maximum amount is 255 which is needed for happiness evolutions.
  16. I mean thats what you suggested and that is already in the game, being the option to buy it in bulk. Reducing the price further or increasing the steps might have a negative impact on the econemy since repel-hunting is really common. Buying repels serves as a money-sink and changing something to the repels might have a bigger impact than you might think. Having the option to buy them in bulk with the NPC is already good enough in my personal opinion but I understand your point to adjust the prices at the normal pokemarts as well.
  17. Its not forbidden, you probably just missunderstood the recent announcement on the discord. Make sure to read the announcement once more and fully and I am sure you will understand what it is about.
  18. Welcome to PRO and the Community. Feel free to join PRO's official discord as well if you ever want to hang out with the Community, have questions or simply want to keep yourself updated with the latest news.
  19. - There should be 2 fishing contests a week with different starting times (maybe 6-12 hours apart?) to make the issue about timezones less annoying but you should only be able to attempt one a week. - The contest should be on different days, so not just on Saturdays to give more people a chance to participate if they are unavailable on these days. - The amount of rare candies should be less the lower your ranking (20 for Top3 and decreasing downwards to Top25). - The duration of 1h and 30min feels too long, 45-60 minutes would be better. - I understand the concept about hidden ability giving more points on certain pokemon but it doesnt feel good to have a disadventage if you are not using an active BMS during the contest. It is not worth to use one for the short duration of the contest so its bad for people who have a low amount of time and want to just spend it on the contest. Its also bad for newer players who dont have the funds to spend real money or around 200k for a BMS which would only be used for the short duration of the contest instead of the full 3-day-duration. -> The best solution for that would probably to change the spawns to pokemon which dont need their hidden ability. - Give the option to ask the Fisherman what pokemon/ability etc. give the most points and how points are calculated.
  20. Max repel already is worth buying since we have the option to buy them in bulk (400 Max Repels for 250.000). So that is already the case if you buy your Max repels from the Bonny NPC which you can find in every department store.
  21. Always sad to see someone leave the game, however I wish you the best for the future, take care.
  22. The move is not coded correctly yet as you can check here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/28126-list-of-broken-moves-abilities-in-pro/
  23. Could it be that you started the Heatran quest recently? Doing this will remove all your rare candies and master balls until you finish the quest and talk to the Buck NPC again.
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