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Celadon Daily Quest Guide


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~Hi, everyone who has problem or doesn't know where to find this quest.


This guide will help u to know where to find it and how to finish this quest.


This is really simple quest where is at Celadon City and you can the place the picture below





Then talk to the Task Master, he will tell u the quest mostly likely is to catch Pokemon.





After you caught the Pokemon he wants, show it to him but before that you have to re log, so the Pokemon data can be saved.





Further more, after you shows the Pokemon he will tell you Pokemon's IVs in the result.





He will give you random prize for the daily quest. However, the better IVS the Pokemon have the better price you will get.(the IV's has been proved, whether you shows him shiny or not, the prize is still the same. )





How to calculate IV easily

Get into this building there will be a man(Name Psychic Man) who will calculate the IV's for you






Cool Down

1Day=24Hours(When you accept the quest the cool down starts)


Feel free to leave comments if you have any question.:D


You can tell me the Exact IV's you shown to

the Task Master and the prize you got from him.

(If you can make a screenshot for it, I would be love to see it)


Update: Reward for the amounts of tasks you completed



Good Luck~ Enjoy the daily quest.



The Prize List



-Potions: Full Restore, Max Potion, Hyper Potion, Potion

-PP Restore Items: Ether, Elixir, Max Elixir

-Status condition healing items: Full Heal

-Vitamins: Rare Candy, PP Up, PP Max

-Repels: Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel

-Poké Balls: Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball

-Revive Items: Revive

Held Item

-Evolutionary stones: Dusk Stone, Moon stone

-Evolution-Inducing Held Items: Upgrade, Electrizer, Protector, Dragon Scale,


-In-Battle Effect Items: Leftover, Macho Brace

~Valuable item: Nugget, Big Pearl, Tiny Mushroom, Stardust

~TM: Dream Eater, Shadow Claw, Dig, Fissure, Shadow Ball, False Swipe

(-Silver Disc, Fossil, Christmas Cracker 150IV'S+)


IV 6~186: Medicines

IV 80~135: Potion, Vitamins,

IV 80~140: Valuable item

IV 90~140: Random TMs

IV 110~160: In-Battle Effect Items

IV 115~130: Random Ghost TMs

IV 120~160:Held Item

IV 140~155: Evolve Items


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Re: Guide For Celdadon Daily Quest


<r><QUOTE author="Jesusml"><s>

</s>there is a price list?<e>

There probably has a prize list tho, one of my friend shows him pokemon with 150iv's and he got pp up max. However, there is still need more information so i can proof that iv's is the key for getting better prize. Also you can't use the pokemon you caught before probably.( *・ω・)</r>


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Re: Guide For Celdadon Daily Quest


<r><QUOTE author="petrosmpak"><s>

</s>I got pp max, tm dream eater, tm shadow claw, and a few more I cant remember right now. However, I also think that besides the IVs, it also matters how quickly you find the pokemon.<e>

thanks for the information, it might be but still not evidence can proof that.<br/>



<QUOTE author="LeoMendes"><s>

</s>I got a electirizer after showed a oddish 147 iv's and 2 nuggets after showed a zubat 131 IV's, then, probably, higher IV's better rewards, but maybe a specific IV's number can result in a determined reward.<e>

thanks for telling this.</r>


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