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  1. Hi, released atyrogue by mistake, but didn't understand it so I don't have ID. It is on silver server,jolly and vital spirit ability. Any chance it can be restored?
  2. Totally agreed. This quest needs a rework. Also, we need to know what the shiny rewards are. Are they always common trashy pokemon or can they be good ones as well?
  3. Probably not for long, now it says locked.
  4. For me he says "I am currently Busy".
  5. My team is: Mew: Cut Hypnosis False Swipe Psyduck (Shiny so I didn't evolve it): Ability Damp (to prevent shinies from exploding) Dive Flash Soak (For false swipe to work on those ghosts) Waterfall Aggron Rock climb Dig Headbutt Rock smash
  6. Yesterday I revived helix and dome fossil, both had H.A. without bms.
  7. There are five tiers now. For tier 5 I got life orb. Also, free shiny every 50 quests, 2 quests per day for MS, 1K reward every day, 5K reward when number of quests completed ends in 5 or 10, 25K reward when number of quests is divided by 25, and for 100 quests I got 100K too
  8. I doubt this quest is worth doing anymore. Cost is high in most cases, since it needs vitamins, rare candies and revival herbs, sometimes more than 1 for one step (are you kidding me?), and on top of that we can't refuse the trash pokemon like bonsly, mime jr etc (50% of the cases) so we are stuck spending items and time healing trash we will kill as soon as they are healed. Maybe it is best to hunt these pokemon in the wild. No items lost, except the pokeballs to catch them, although it may take a little more time to find one.
  9. SOLUTION!! Go to account tab on the main site, and merge your accounts. Choose whether to keep one or both, and then you can log in
  10. Have the same problem. Invalid username or password. On gold, it makes sense that you start from the beginning, since you haven't played in that server before.
  11. Greek guild recruiting. Open to not only greeks, but all who can write english with english characters. Find me ingame and I will invite you. Currently has 45 members, most of which are inactive
  12. Ela file, exo ena pou skopeuo na to megaloso. Euprosdektoi osoi milane ellinika. Kane me add sto game kai se kano invite
  13. I keep being told that it's just "Bad luck". Well, it's not bad luck if it happens all the time. And it does happen all the time. The bosses in Love Island have Azumarill with hydro pump. Of course bliseey doesn't die from it, but the point of using flash (and hypnosis from mew right afterwards) is to bring in another pokemon which will buff up (Haxorus, cloyster, Bisharp, Slowbro etc) in 2 turns and swipe the rest of the team . If this works, the battle takes 15 rounds in total, and not 15 rounds per pokemon. These die from hydro pump, and it doesn't help when it hits all the time regardless of the accuracy drop. What usually happens is this: I bring in Blissey, use flash, and survive special attacks. Whe I m done, I bring in mew for hypnosis. When this works (lots of times it takes 3-4 turns), i switch to let's say Bisharp. Bisharp will use swords dance twice, and then swipe with sucker punch. But, most times it doesn't manage to use sucker punch twice, because once Azumarill wakes up, it hits despite having its accuracy lowered. If this happens with all three pokes I have brought in, then the battle is lost or I have to use revives.
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