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Where is my old database


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Hello guys,


im not a native speaker so I will try my best to explain you what I mean.


I created this account ''AKpella44''  on the 28.02.2018 and I played a lot on it. I had many good pokemons with good nature and decent IV's.  Then I stopped playing also in 2018 and now I wanted to play again but the problem now is my whole database is deleted and I dont know why. I had to play from the beginning again and losed my whole successes.  

Now my question is if any admin or something like that can help me recreate my old database or something like that.?

Also I dont remember in which server I was. 

Please help.

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This is on english. Where do you come from? Maybe someone can help you to translate in case you cant understand the following thread well.


Short version:

- Red + Blue server are now Silver, Yellow is now Gold

- You need to "merge" your account to get your old data






Of course I'm talking to myself, sometimes I have to talk with an intelligent person.





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