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  1. Yes ok, but with which price? Because imo it must be the price of 901k, since all other bids are not legal or after the time. IMO
  2. Id like to wait a bit, till the auction is reviewed. If thats ok
  3. Ya, so no idea if the auction is still going on as the start of the auction was not clearly defined. So, just in case its still going on and you can just edit your bids afterwards (1m bid edited to 1m+1k bid?!) - in this case I bid 1.101 m. Sorry for the confusion with the extra 1k.
  4. In case the auction is not over yet: 1.1m In case its over: As I bid 901k and Ahir only 1m and the min bid is 100k, I did won, no?
  5. Bash


    Selling a Water Shuriken for 5m or offers under this topic.
  6. Hello, sad to hear. The GMS would not necessarily expose the nature, it could just tell if the sync worked or not. As for the money sink, it is easy to prove that the GMS would be a bigger money sink than Pokeballs.
  8. I am in this guild for 1 month now. My stoks increased trice in value, everyone wants a partnership with me, my PvP skills got perfect and my car's service lamp doesnt light up anymore.
  9. This was already suggested and it only makes sense. The starting time should be random. But was it so bad lately? I remember different starting times. I think the WQ is started manually which means its a bit restricted to Walrosses sleep shedule.
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