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Weird Set in Random Ranked Battle


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Before this turns into a "Don't like this set. Remove it!!" thread, will mention a few things:


- It's not the dev that's going to be looking at this thread and blindly remove what will be posted. I'm the bridge between the community and devs in regards of Random sets, so creating this thread without notifying me is not a smart move. It's in your best interest that I notice it if you really care about having your concerns heard and done something about it. A private message "hey created this thread *links*, can you take a look?" would have been sufficient.


- Currently only Gen1 and Gen2 Pokemon may have more than one set with the same ability. In each monthly reset there will be added variant sets for each generation (November<->Gen3; December<->Gen4; ... ; March 2022<->Gen7). In each month I also put out hotfixes that Eaty doesn't announce but as far as I can tell they're implemented, and if I notice they ain't, I bump them. Current notes for next month's hotfixes:

  • Rework
    • Drifblim (Aftermath - Sitrus Berry)
    • Hawlucha (Mold Breaker - Sitrus Berry)
    • Swoobat (Unaware)
  • Unsure, thinking about it
    • Bibarel (Unaware)
  • Balance - Nerf Level (need to check with Eaty if possible)
    • XD001
    • Mecha Mewtwo
  • Add Item
    • Choice Specs on 4 attacks Suicune

- These notes are based on community feedback. As much as I try to not mess up, it's destined to happen considering sets are done one by one, by hand - there isn't an algorithm - currently there are 996 sets and if every single one were flawless would start questioning my humanity. After March, am planning to create 2 threads - one for set suggestions and another for set feedback - because don't wish it to remain stagnant after all the variants have been released. It's nothing set in stone, still have to consult and get approval from the higher ups but just letting you know what's going through my mind. As the player that has invested more time on this than anyone else, am also the most interested in making Random Ranked work and enjoyable but can't do it alone.


- Feedback must be constructive, otherwise will dismiss it. Your opening post is a perfect example of non-constructive feedback and what to avoid, since you're not suggesting anything to improve or make it better, it's just "remove it" without showing the reasoning behind it. Example of constructive feedback:


The current Mold Breaker Hawlucha set needs to be reworked. The combination Ability-Item-Moveset simply doesn't work. It's outclassed by Unburden, am forced to sub twice or get hit hard in order to utilise the Flying STAB, otherwise it's weak and being a frail Pokemon, its viability drops. Mold Breaker doesn't offer that much benefit besides breaking through Unaware Pokemon. Without removing Mold Breaker as an option altogether, the only set would see working would be something like SD, HJK, Stone Edge and Roost. Allows set up on weaker Pokemon because of Roost, HJK as the mandatory STAB and Stone Edge for the Flying checks.

Of course if there is an IV issue in regards of Speed combined with Trick Room and Gyro Ball, or HP combined with HP Berry consumption or Substitute usage, let me know. 


- Will check this thread regularly so if you have feedback, feel free to post it. Would also like this opportunity to ask:

  • Should Mold Breaker exist on Hawlucha like in the feedback example given? Or better to just eliminate it for not having a place/role?
  • What is your opinion on Simple vs Unaware Pokemon such as Swoobat and Bibarel? Do you think both should exist or only Simple (and why)? In a metagame filled with set up sweepers feel like there's room for Unaware Pokemon to have a niche to check them but would like to hear your opinion.


If anyone has any questions, will do my best to reply.

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