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  1. Player name: 0danobunaga Server: Silver Timezone: GMT+8 Rank on ladder: 7th (November )
  2. Player name: 0danobunaga Server: Silver Timezone: GMT+8 Rank on ladder:11
  3. @Darrkin@Imcnasty Hello there sorry for the late reply. Currently, our guild is full, once we have a slot we will let you know.
  4. Username : 0danobunaga Rank on ladder: 2 in the list (actually 3 in game) Server: Silver Timezone: GMT +8
  5. Try to not refer only silver server and think about gold server(even fail a lot of time if use multiple accounts do world quest). If silver finish WQ fast, you can transfer to gold.
  6. Today is the 1st of July Happy Bidoof Day guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT70I-A_MLQ
  7. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participate
  8. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/168679-hair-style-suggestions/
  9. Username: 0danobunaga Server: Silver Country/Timezone: GMT +8
  10. Player name : 0danobunaga Server: Gold Timezone : Gmt+8 Rank on ladder : 4
  11. 卧槽, 删了!
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