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Not getting notifications on forums


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Hey Guys.

I have  a problem for a few weeks now. I had a problem a few weeks ago (private since everyone can read this) and needed help from a former staff, i hope its okay for him to show his name in the screenshots. Since this issue was solved i dont get notifications anymore even if i get tagged on forum or someone answers my posts. I always have to find the post again to see if someone answered me already.
Everytime i open up forums it shows me the same thing (look at the screenshot) image.png.5f0c2fa002826d218e4a16449311704d.png


This is really frustrating because i dont see if someone answers me or not. Would be great if you could solve this bug somehow. I dont know what this could be because this happens everytime i dont open forums website in a few days. 

hope you can solve this.






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