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  1. Fire: Torchic Grass: Bulbasaur Water: Totodile
  2. Hello @Ariel28 Please try to download latest version of PRO from here
  3. Hello @CivilianTR You just need to faint your togepi once and max it's happiness again. It should resolve your problem. Regards, PrinceKashyap
  4. Hello @aloodeepanshu1 You don't think you should keep this info private?
  5. Try to battle a player and surrender. @Madzzz
  6. Here is the answer attached for your first question. For your second question, all the items mentioned in PokeMart will be Un-tradeable, it doesn't matter how you got them, bought or dig. Do you need something else?
  7. Hello @dgRDota2 Only Game Masters+ are able to rename. When you put your request for name change, they start investigate your account before a successful renaming. This process may take upto 2-3 days Or more. As mentioned by Felix, name changes are guaranteed on every Saturday. And about your coins, they will be refunded back to when you cancel your request or your request being rejected by staff. I suggest you to wait a little more. Regards, PrinceKashyap
  8. There is not any way to de-evolve your pokemon.
  9. Username: PrinceKashyap Server: Gold Country/Timezone: India/GMT+5:30
  10. I got the reason behind this. You can close the thread.
  11. Hello, Can you please help me with server transfer? I don't have any lending trades pending.
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