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Random Notifications (Profile Follow Notification Bug?)


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Lately I've been seeing a increase in random notifications that I have not signed up for receiving from random topics.

It started around two months ago and is occasionally happening every now and then, but has lately spiked in terms of how many I'm recieving on a weekly basis.

Some have a indirect connection to people I follow (i.e they liked the random post and it makes it into my notifications for some random unknown reason).

While others have no connections at all, so its kind of confusing. But all those that have a connection is all related to people that I follow.


Example of a scenario:

In this example, I do not follow the person, the sub section or the actual topic in question nor have I posted a reply in it either prior to making this.



Notification bar with the random topic in question:




The random user's page to showcase that I do not follow the user in question:




The subsection to showcase I do not follow it:




Showcases I do not follow the topic:



A possible connection from this example:

The only connection here is that IceFury which I do follow, liked the post exactly 15 hours ago, which is the same timestamp that it says Titania commented on the post.

However this in question should not trigger this function, since IceFury did not comment on it, but rather liked the comment which is the complete opposite of a trigger function of a forum profile follow. Whereas a follow it would notify if the person you're following "commented" on a post, not liked a comment on a random post. Furthermore, I do not follow Titania, so its kind of weird that it says what it says in the notifications bar that they "commented" on it and not that IceFury liked a comment on it.



Hope you'll find the core problem, as its kind of annoying to deal with from time to time.

But on the bright side, I also find new and interesting topics that I haven't come across before. So, take your time.

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