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Auction: SW Mimikyu

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This auction has been concluded. Due to unforseen website crash the final offers was in game. 
Nguyen2311 had the final offer with 3.2m. Congratz and thank all of you for your participation.


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@Mssi You have been punished for a Poorly Handled Auction. 


2. All bids must be acknowledged, and all current/best offers must be publicly announced with the bidder's username and bid amount.

- In-game: This applies to every trade post related to the auction. Evidence of all bids received must be made and kept, to be made available upon Staff request. Timestamps are preferred.

- Forum: This applies to every in-game bid received, and must be acknowledged in the auction thread with a screenshot. Timestamps are preferred.

› This does not apply to bids received on the forum.

› Bids made on Discord are not valid or accepted.

- Accepting known false bids (from alternative account, friend, guildmate, etc) is prohibited.

Without you having uploaded proper proof of the bid we can not validate the offer amount nor the time. 

I have returned 3.2m to @Nguyen2311 and removed the Mimikyu from your PC. @Mssi You will see that i removed 200k from your account to cover the difference. @Lyn1311 I have removed 3m from your account and the Mimikyu is in the last spot of your PC. 

Best Regards,

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Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.


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