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  1. Start 800k Min Bid 200k Time 2 day No Insta Accepted Payment : cc 380k/ iv rr 680k Gud Luck
  2. Username: Lyn1311 Server: Silver Country/Timezone: Indonesia/ GMT +7
  3. Sold. thnx much evryone, Glhf
  4. Another quest done! Manaphy, Trio Kami, Heatran, Regirock, Volcanion, Celebi, Jirachi, Latios, and Azelf. Compltetion time <1 day. Thnx Much, Glhf!
  5. Sure. Let me now when you can online
  6. ^^ last bump, will be canceled if still there no offer in 6 hr
  7. Aucrion is end. Congrats u won auction. Please let me know when u can online. Thnx
  8. XD it just got out and you guys ask for ban already... kinda sad thinking about other people who alredy use some reroll for it, paying service for it, train it and else
  9. well firstly thnx for input. in my opinion it wont (maybe) replacing subway. i mean like time when we hunting rotom at safari johto, we cant use subway from cianwood to safari but we can use 'teleporting abra' from cianwood to safari entrance. and i think, mostly player still not aware about 'teleporting abra' existence. even if they aware, with this tool it just like using shovel to diging from one route to another instead using diglett or geodude who know dig moves, but this time we bring 'magic wand' instead bring abra with teleport moves. about adding new whole item, iam not sure what u mean xD, my english not rlly good, what iam suggest is just new version of dig tool, we using 'teleporting abra' who already there instead using cave hole. and about paying, we already paying 700-1k at first place to using teleporting abra, so i am not sure about skipping any dialog
  10. Adding new shiny bossable mons, S Gligar (price Fixed) and S Sewaddle (looking for offer)
  11. Hi, i want to make suggestion, like its name its new tool for teleporting, just like dig and cut, we bring tools instead abra or natu for teleporting :3. Can be handy for player who havent clear subway or teleporting quest or for player who doing boss/quest. we still paying 700-1000 for teleport tho. Thnx Much
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