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Error rare Candy bag


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Hello, I have a problem. It was approximately 47-48 rare caramel. Today I used one to evolve a pokemon and when I check my backpack again it appears that I have 7. I understand that it may be a bug, could you help me?


I have used Google Translate.


Muy name in silver game is muajun1

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Hello @Muajun1


Have you perhaps started, but not finished, the Heatran quest? During this quest, the Buck NPC will remove any Rare Candy and Master Ball(s) you currently have. He will return them once you complete the quest and speak with him again. 

If this is not the case, please let me know.


If you'd prefer to use your native language, please do so. We will make the necessary translations.


Game Rules  |  Resolution Center  |  PRO Wiki

Instead of privately contacting Staff, make a thread, it may help other players.

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