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Problem with Blazikenite quest

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This may or may not be a bug, but this makes the quest battle impossible. In the very first battle Stunky runs out of Sucker Punch and switches out, then returns after Frillish is defeated and uses Struggle. The guide suggests that Stunky should be debuffed, but it shakes off the debuff with its switch and then beats what's left of my pokemon with one Struggle. If this is an intentional change to the quest, it seems too hard for the first battle.

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Hey, its not bugged - the AI was changed after the release of this quest which makes it switch out the Stunky.
The quest can still be done with some simple adjustments to the strategy you found on a guide. Just keep using Growl on the Frillish as well until it struggles, then finish it off with Peck. Then use Growl on the Stunky again until you can finish it off with one Ember.

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