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[Can be close]Auction 31/29 Cutiefly / 25+ Jolly Bagon

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Cutiefly - C.O 650k by Konservatif - END




Bagon - C.O 600K by Ogpabs14 - END




Accepted payments:

Reroll_Ticket.png.e7855d77c4041dae84996bf604efe085.png Reroll Ticket: 500k each.

naturerr.png.9f791ae859c0e37c6a08bb0a29c5b919.png Nature Reroll: 250k each.

Coin_Capsule.png.5fe21ce9438b2c346c34c044dd753f8e.png Coin Capsule: 400k each.

File:Small Membership Medallion.png15 days MS: 200k each.

File:Black Medallion.pngBlack Medallion: 170k each.

pokedollar.png.b4bc77a9cc35a98fbd55600c783e6263.png.9179c174cf488b6caa7a695f97d822ad.png Pokedollars.


Min bid for each poke : 50k.

Auction end : 24h after first bid

No s.o except Cutiefly 400k


Good luck

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