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  1. -1 Reeeeeeee IMO we should give it a Week/Month testing period before ban. (I have a really epik one I wanna use it )
  2. 1 - 100k 2 - 100k 3 - 200k 4 - 200k 5 - 400k
  3. Here's my suggestions :- Not suggesting that all of them should be there... But at least some of them would be appreciated Must have Other's I would like
  4. Congratulations to everyone GOOD WORK LEGACY FAM GGs CHAOS for making it on Top 3 reeee OP Grats VNBOOSTINGSTAR :kappa: it was better than Shalalalalalalalallalala kekw.
  5. Congratulations Everyone yay. #Legacy Good job guys love ya XD @Papoo reeeeee gimme Vn.exe Also congrats Renaissance
  6. WTB Sneasel and ada intimidate Mawile
  7. Ye.. Not just this one almost all Links are outdated (Forums, not Home page links), it's like Just umm Google "Astrella" and The top link you see is PRO's Astrella Announcement and as soon as you click it... It'll just take you back to Forums main page
  8. Ahh But WQ gets over before 24h.... It happened a lot with me, before this update when they Announced That It's going to start 1st of every month (7:30 PM IST) , Like I (and alot of Indians) were not able to participate in it because it used to start at 1-2 AM... What I feel is, Instead of asking for another way to get Legends, it should be to improve WQ :v if you need to catch a mon in some game..., You need to stay awake all night and hunt either hurt your health and Drop your Productivity irl cuz lack of sleep or Get that Pokémon (this scenario is for some parts of the world where people can't Do wq cuz of time zone...) How to Improve this WQ? Like instead of event getting over after IVs hit the target... It should be like really a 24h event so that everyone can participate and ik they won't do anything about it so I never even bother making a suggestion about it as a lot of people already made it and got rejected or ignored
  9. Hey there, Join our Discord server - https://discord.gg/xWd44HE
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