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hunting poke with 2 accounts [LOCKED]


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Hello guys,


i have a very important question about hunting pokemon with 2 accounts at the same time:


i love this game and i love hunting pokes cause of that

i have a mobile phone and a laptop, I sometimes use them at the same time to hunt pokes (difficult bot working).

Im not using bots and i will not do it in future, im only talking about hunting poke with 2 accounts at same time


Is this legit? i think yes because it is no cheating right ?


and on the mobile hone it runs at half speed so it isnt 2 times faster only 1.5 maybe.

i think it is legit but i want to hear ur opinion.

someone told me he can ban me for that but i think he cant cause im not using bots


thanks for ur work team pro

(h.a farming is sooo hard) xD


greetings peterwitzig

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Hi there,


Feel free to hunt with two accounts at the same time if you're able to, as long as you abide by our Rules and play legitimately.


Kind Regards, Astraea.






- Locked -


PRO RulesPunishment PolicyHow to Report


Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Use the appropriate forums for your message as it may be of use to others.

Unsolicited messages will be purified.

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