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Found 3 results

  1. What is the Spawn Editor role? Spawn Editor is the role responsible for deciding which Pokemon can spawn/be encountered in the game maps. Overall, the spawn editors plays a critical role in the game and must ensure that spawns are adequately balanced in order to maintain a good challenge for players without making Pokemon lose appeal and value in the game. Characteristics we look for a Spawn Editor High hunting experience; It's really important to be familiar with PRO and its spawn system. Good organisation skills. Open-mindedness. A positive attitude. Able to work in a team. Can work under pressure Requirements Even if you don't meet the requirements, small exceptions may be made if the rest of your application is promising. (Mandatory) requirements must be met in order to apply. At least 200 hours in-game playtime. Able to dedicate time to staff work and deliver efficiently. 18 or older is preferred, applications from younger applicants will be considered if exceptional Can understand English at an advanced level. (Mandatory) Application To apply, we have prepared a task for you in order to help us analyze and test your comprehension of PRO's spawn-system. Your application answers must be posted here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/219-spawn-editor-application/ SPAWN EDITOR TASK TASK DESCRIPTION: Think accurately about any map (no excavation sites) that, in your opinion, needs a spawn adjustment/improvement; tell us what change you would make and explain us why your change would be better for the game.. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING: Please, make sure to maintain all the information Reborn Bot uses (check spoiler to see what information are needed). QUESTIONS
  2. Game Testers. What are Game Testers? Game Testers are expert users who work alongside Developers, Content Scripters and Mappers and provide useful feedback as well as report any errors and bugs. We use a separate testing server where users are given a new character with access to anything that may aid in testing. Why do we need them? Our staff team is in need of Game Testers to test new and upcoming implementations to PRO. For a while now, we have been rewarding users who help us test various important updates before they're released. In order to bring better content to PRO, we are making the Game Tester an official rank in the staff team. This will streamline communication between content staff and testers to allow better and faster testing. How are they chosen? Game Testers have to go through an apprenticeship where they will be watched to see how efficiently they work as well as how well their communication and activity is. Game Testers will be given a new account that has access to various staff commands to aid their testing. Game Testers will be officially recognised as PRO Staff members once their apprenticeship is passed. Requirements & Application process. Requirements: All requirements are mandatory. You wont be considered if you do not meet the base requirements At least 100 hours of playtime. Be able to clearly communicate in English. Sinnoh champion. 18+ years old. Able to dedicate your time and deliver efficiently. What we're looking for: Strong communication. High patience levels. Reliability. Able to persistently repeat the same work. Can commit a fair amount of time to testing duties. Application form: If you are interested in the position, please fill in the application form below. Your application and results must remain confidential. We ask all applicants to keep the fact they have applied secret. Sharing your application status will result in the rejection of your application. Please be aware that all staff work is voluntary! This is not a career. Once complete, send your application form to me via a private message! (Click "Start Conversation" on my profile).
  3. Do you have basic programming knowledge and a willingness to apply this knowledge to help further the development of PRO? Read thoroughly below, and then apply if you satisfy the requirements. Requirements Tangibles: You must have been around the project for at least 3 months (mention your earliest-registered account name in the application for us to verify). 100-plus hours clocked on an account in-game. You already completed a variety of quests in PRO. A clean track record on your account (note: it does not need to be completely pristine; even if you have had milder offenses, they may be overlooked depending on how long ago they were, how your behavior has changed since, and the its severity relative to the nature of the position). Have a Discord Account as it will be the main way for staff to communicate. Be 18 years of age or older. Intangibles: At least basic knowledge of the programming language Python. Fluency in the English language. In addition to writing the logic-coding of NPC scripts, you will also be responsible for the dialogues of NPCs by virtue of your access to and control over the scripts - proper grammar, spelling, and syntax is expected in that regard. Characteristical integrity. Due to our content-sensitive access to NPC scripts and control thereof, this is one of the most trust-sensitive positions in the game; as such, there will be no shortage of scrutiny with our candidates. Willingness to learn new things. To submit your application, please PM AlCedo, preferably on Discord (AlCedo#2920). Please specify your experience in computational languages with as much detail as possible (Github would be good). Applicants who do not meet the tangible requirements or specify their experience will automatically be denied for the near future. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our recruitment criteria, feel free to ask before applying. Note that all staff work is voluntary! This is not a career, but a hobby instead. When applications are open, there will be an announcement on our Discord Server as well as a bump to this post.
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