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Found 3 results

  1. Hello fellow Pokemon trainers! We have observed, over the last 3 seasons, what impact our rule change had and came to the conclusion that the impact was minimal however we acknowledge the displeasure a lot of players had with the rule change. This is the reason why we tried to find a middle-ground which still allows testing in a real competitive environment henceforth from now on we will only allow 2 accounts being used in ranked PvP within each season. You have to rightfully own the account, this means playing on a friends account is still against our rules. This change will go live in the upcoming PvP season (February 2019 season) Have fun with that change. :)
  2. Hey fellow PvP players, In this thread I will explain how we enforce this rule, what counts towards it and why it is important to cooperate with us here. I made the mistake and not thoroughly wrote down procedures, limitations and explanations for the community which resulted in some unfair bans that will be fixed as soon as possible, so count this thread as an apology for our mess as well. This type of stuff shouldn't happen, will not happen again and I take full responsibility for it. The current rule that forbids any type of boosting. What counts towards this rule?: Playing against any accounts you have access to If Bob has the password of Billy and Bob matches against Billy in ranked PvP, you may risk of being flagged as boosting players. The best advice we can give here is that you do not share accounts to avoid any confusion here. Did Billy actually play or was it Bob controlling both accounts. Those are questions we have to answer. Playing against your own alternate accounts If Tom owns the accounts Tom123 & Tom321 and matches against himself in ranked PvP, he will be banned for boosting. Playing on an account you do not rightfully own Jake gave his account to Bob so he can play ranked PvP on it and Bob starts playing in ranked with Jake's account, you will be banned for boosting. Please avoid at any cost playing on someone elses account in ranked PvP unless you have full control over it (E-Mail is yours, you are the only one having access to the account and the original owner does not return) Disconnecting on purpose and receiving payments for it Bob matches against Tom, Tom messages Bob & asks him if he could disconnect or let him win for 50k$. Bob should report Tom however if he accepts this payment both players will be banned for boosting. Disconnecting repeatedly against the same players Billy always disconnects against Jake because he thinks he is the superior player. This might get you flagged as boosting if done multiple times as you are supposed to play out all matches. We can see the difference between server crashes, a user with bad internet or someone boosting. Disconnecting against Guild members on purpose or due to "Queue/Game" guild rules Bob, Tom and Jake are in the same guild [ExamplePlayers]. Tom matches against Jake in ranked PvP and Jake disconnects during team-preview. If done multiple times you may get flagged as boosters. Jake writes in his guild chat or in a matchmaking chat on their discord that he is in the queue. Jake: queue Bob always forgets to write in that chat and matches against Jake. Jake is annoyed and tells Bob to disconnect because he broke the "queue/game" guild rules. This may get you flagged as boosting as well, as you are supposed to play out all matches. Playing against another player under the same network/connection. Unfortunately staff is unable to verify and confirm if someone is really living with other people, making therefore impossible for us to see if it's one single persone with two different account or two different people. Reason we can't do that is simply that we don't live with you, it's not a problem of our tools. As the last thing always gets broken and causes a lot of confusion we made an announcement regarding it: If you have any further questions please write them down below and I try to answer all of them to the best of my ability. Kind regards. Credits to Qeight
  3. Please, do note that while our Developers are actively working on PvP updates and fixes, you may still encounter some bugs during battles. Keep an eye on our PRO Official Discord and our Update Logs to stay updated about any rule change and in general any game announcement/update. As a reminder, PvP reports should be filed in our Report Center. Please make sure to provide enough evidence to support your claim. Failure in doing so will result in the dismissal of your report. PVP Rules Every match should be played out in a timely manner. Time-, PP-, Switch- or any type of stalling beyond reasonable usage is not allowed. Video evidence is required and without it we will not take actions. Video evidence may be deemed insufficient at Moderators discretion. PP-stalling: Using moves to unnecessarily extend a match's duration with no proper reasoning such as using healing moves instead of attacking Switch-stalling: Switching your Pokemon around with no proper reasoning instead of attacking. Time-stalling: Waiting until the last few seconds to make your move on every single turn, prolonging the match more necessary. Boosting in any form in Ranked PvP, random ranked included, is forbidden. Action will be taken if caught or attempted. | Rule explanation Playing against someone under the same network connection is considered boosting as staff is unable to verify if it's actually two different people playing. Intentionally queuing against a user to aid yourself or another user in the form of Rating, PvP Coins, etc will be considered as Ranked Boosting and will be punished accordingly. You can use only 2 of your own accounts to PvP within each season. Using any account you do not rightfully own, or using more than 2 accounts, will result in heavy punishment. You can only have one account in the Top 25 at the end of the season, having more than one will result in heavy punishment. You can only have one account in the Top 25 of one server, having your account in the Top 25 of both servers will result in heavy punishment. Using false information or offering compensation to incite players to disconnect or draw in a Ranked Battle is prohibited and considered Illegitimate Rank Boosting. Please refer to Rule Explanation for more information. Violating any of our specific PvP Clauses will result in sanctions. PVP Clauses Species Clause: The same two Pokemon should not be on the same team. This includes the use of more than one Rotom form or a Pokemon together with its Alolan counterpart. Sleep Clause: If you have already put a Pokemon on your opponent's side to sleep, and it is still sleeping, you cannot put another one to sleep. This rules is not induced by self-sleep inducing moves, such as Rest. Video evidence is required. Natural Cure - Two Pokemon can be put to sleep if, and only if, the first Pokemon has Natural Cure (The reverse order would violate the clause as the Natural Cure Pokemon would be on the field asleep with an additional Pokemon being asleep in the party). Pokemon that use U-turn/Volt Switch on the turn that they wake up will show as asleep until they are back on the field Endless Battle Clause: Any moveset that is capable of intentionally cause an endless battle is banned. More specifically: Recycle + Leppa Berry. Harvest + Leppa Berry. Trace + Leppa Berry. Role Play + Leppa Berry. Banned Moves / Abilities / Pokemon / Items / Combination The following moves are banned from the Ranked PVP Battles. The system is developed in a way where you cannot queue with them. Credits to: Singham & Flik - Established the first PvP Rules thread. Windypuff, Kagawa & Alaris- Updating thread. Letrix - Revamped and updating thread. Qeight - Revamped and keeping thread updated. Shinohara - Revamped and keeping thread updated
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