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Found 3 results

  1. Hey fellow PvP players, in this thread I will explain how we enforce this rule, what counts towards it and why it is important to cooperate with us here. I made the mistake and not thoroughly wrote down procedures, limitations and explanations for the community which resulted in some unfair bans that will be fixed as soon as possible, so count this thread as an apology for our mess as well. This type of stuff shouldn't happen, will not happen again and I take full responsibility for it. The current rule that forbids any type of boosting. What counts towards this rule?: Playing
  2. Hello fellow Pokemon trainers! We have observed, over the last 3 seasons, what impact our rule change had and came to the conclusion that the impact was minimal however we acknowledge the displeasure a lot of players had with the rule change. This is the reason why we tried to find a middle-ground which still allows testing in a real competitive environment henceforth from now on we will only allow 2 accounts being used in ranked PvP within each season. You have to rightfully own the account, this means playing on a friends account is still against our rules. This change will go li
  3. PROLOGUE Please do note that PRO is in BETA and you may still encounter some bugs in PvP. However, we are happy to inform you that our Developers are hard at work on a PvP update to apply some quality of life changes. Unfortunately, there is no estimated time for this. However, you may keep an eye out in our PRO Official Discord and our Update Logs for further updates on PRO. The current rules may be changed or new rules may be added in the future so remember to check this topic from time to time. PvP Reports belong in the Report Center. We required Screenshot evide
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