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  1. Username : Hisoka007 Country : Egypt timezone +2 gmt Server : silver
  2. ok i've only 1 last question, in my case i only like this hp ice one and the epic one 21, 24, 27, 20, 25, 29 (The one that is epic) 3, 16, 27, 5, 13, 4 (The current set) can i never reroll again and still keep going to epic and go back to hp ice and then go epic again like in loop without losing any of this 2? because i'll just not reroll again at all. is that possible to not lose this 2 if i don't reroll? like to be endless loop. thanks
  3. so as you see i had 21,24,27,20,25,29 iv's .. if i choose this will i be able to get back the 03,16,27,05,13,04 back again or no?
  4. hello there, here you can see that i've a hidden power ice zapdos right with bad iv's .. before this one i had really godly iv's +20 all with hidden power grass. my question is.. if I pay 50k.. i'll get to choose back from the past 3 sets i've which obviously the +20 iv's is there. but if i choose the +20 iv's .. and i try to talk to psychic marina again to pay more 50k to get more previous iv's will i be able to get hp ice zapdos that i've now on the picture or it will be only for the past rerolls i had? so i want to go back to the good ivs but want to be able to switch to the hp ice one whenever i want? is that how it works or no
  5. hello, so i did find that there's a way to catch more than 1 diancie .. well how ever .. the sync will always change to the first one you caught.. so in my case it was lonely nature, if i try to catch another one and with sync naive for ex: the mon will appear naive for 1sec then will change automatically to be lonely again, but every diancie has it own ID.. i didn't try to reroll it.. but i tried to catch alot with different balls.. i wasn't able to catch any diancie with any ball but masterball .. so i caught 3 in the first.. then i was trying to see what if i delete all of them and try to catch the 4th one without having an origin one, so i can check if the iv's change or the nature, but still it's the same, so it's not bug abuse able, it will just make unlimited diancies on ur box for no reason. i also have video evidence of everything i say.. my theory is .. if i catch the diancie, then i put it on my PC and i go to catch another one with no diancie in my party i will always find another one, i didn't share that with anyone but i shared that i got 3 diancies in all chat and everyone was like how, but i dont even know how so i couldn't even explain, i wasted 8 master balls on that bug, would be nice if u can return them to me, here is some photos .. and if u need a video let me know,, i will upload it if you want, or i can open stream for you guys. ^^ thanks
  6. playing the game since 2015 server blue with you and i see that it has always been the same since so long time i can't even remember exactly when the game was human friendly for hunters for me it was always the same, i agree about a lot you mentioned, the game is unhealthy for hunters if you're playing like a human, it's not luck when you're farming 30min+ for 1mon and u probably will almost get it bad so you waste more than 6hours to just be lucky to get a decent one, i also agree with daica that the game is not p2w but it's also not enjoyable for hunters tbh, the spawn rate is definitely need an update, finding a tier 9 mon is a pain more than it should be, ik it's about being lucky, but that should be about the iv's not the spawn ratio encounters, because it makes the game unplayable for a lot, and makes a lot of people use bots or automatic programs, because it's not human friendly like you said and I totally agree on that point. but about the forms of the events it's really about luck.. idk I agree with some points but not everything tbh..
  7. I accidentally while i'm rare candy feeding happiny from lvl60 to 100 i did evolve it 2times which was a mistake i wanted chansey but i was in rush while feeding the rare candies and i clicked twice on the evolves .. can you please help me? i wanted to make it chansey not blissey ..
  8. update it fixed after the crash like i said, idk what happened but i'm just reporting it.
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