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  1. holly f................. that's so sad .. no please just don't you're the one who brought me back to the game after all of this years.. cmon bro not like this for real dont leave!!
  2. i think u mean mega gardevoir, ok i got it, np u can close it
  3. Hello there, so i started the Gardevoir mega quest and submitted a miltank, but i don't want a gardevoir anymore i want to rest so i can get gallade first. can you help me with that please. thanks.
  4. i think we can't get moltres wings this year, can any mod or gm confirm if we can or not? thanks
  5. sold to jorogumo insta 3m
  6. @finalfantasty no you can still bid or insta. 2m c.o
  7. 5:02 PM GMT +3 7/9/2020 started.
  8. s.o 1m , min raise 200k, insta 3m .. 2days auction from the start offer.. accept cc's 350k , rr 600k, gl everyone. *edit* end in 2days at 5:02 PM GMT +3 9/9/2020. Current offer : 2m by Jorogumo
  9. rotom wash can pain split marowak alola .. which is ghost .. that's a big he shouldn't be able to do that please fix.. ty
  10. sold to @thedarckray 1m6 contact me ingame
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