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  1. It's Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Shuckle, Aggron, Cloyster, Primeape
  2. Since we dont have to select the Pokemon for every Dig Spot anymore, i would suggest to do the same thing with the Love Island Crystals c:
  3. not always, it shouldnt be like this for too long
  4. Since its BCC i chose these 2 'cause both are Bug types
  5. With all the Wings that aren't available anymore because they were only obtainable during Events i thought about a decent way to add more of them into the Game. To make the BCC a bit more interesting i thought about adding Venomoth and Vivillion into the BCC Area. With both Pokemon added into the BCC there could be their respective Wings as random Reward afterwards. Also i thought about adding Mothim Wings into the Game which would also be available as BCC reward. Furthermore there could also be a shiny Variant of each Wings with a lower Chance to get them. All this would make long t
  6. There is a typo in the game that shows the "Tamato Berry" as "Tomato Berry"
  7. i mean it would be pretty much the same bar just without hotkeys o0
  8. Why is the Lantern in the middle of the grass ? People would enjoy the Speed Area way more if there would be another Grass Pattern instead of this Lantern. Couldn't it be moved to a place where it wouldn't be directly in the way of the Players since there is enough space in the surrounding area ?
  9. Well, in that case why isn't the Guide listed in https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/101161-url this link c: ? Since it's a quite useable Site it would be nice if every Link on there would be up to date.
  10. Outdated Genesect Requirements in this Guide. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/75520-url
  11. Well i need to disagree on that one since you find more Nuggets overall than before. That would be one way to handle it and if it might be too much money from dig spots then, just decrease the rate of those by a little or add Tiny Mushrooms instead of the big ones.
  12. Decrease the spawn rate of reaper cloth from dig spots. There is literally no Point in finding in that often when it has only 1 single use which would be the evo of Dusclops only. Also there is a free Cloth in front of the entrance to Lake Acuity, so why would we need it x-times more from dig spots ?
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