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  1. NAME CHANGE Username: Silentz7 New Username: Mamusven Server to charge the money from: Silver SERVER TRANSFER Username: Silentz7 (hopefully Mamusven soon) Server to charge the money from: Silver Main Server to transfer: Gold
  2. Map name: Route 45 Pokemon: Gligar Reason: It was already very hard to find Gligars (even with repeltrick) at route 45 when it was a Tier 7 pokemon. I think it's hard to find because there are a ton of low tier pokes in the area. I suggest keeping it tier 8 (the change that was just made to it), but remove some of the low tier pokes in the area so it shows up more often. Current lower tier pokes in Route 45: Aipom, Fearow, Geodude, Golbat, Graveler, Linoone, Phanpy, Teddiursa, Whismur. That's 9 different pokemon that cripple the repeltrick. Maybe remove some combination of Golbat, Gra
  3. Sup Fallen, Gimme. Dunno if the above post was an offer or not so... 1.1M
  4. I don't think the rarity of a pokemon should be determined by how good it is in PvP. There are a lot of top tier pokemons that are easy to find or farm. Clefable comes to mind. Rarity is not a problem in my opinion, the spawn rate is OK and i find plenty of them in the safari. It's just way too much of a money drain. It would still be time consuming and expensive farming them outside the safari, just a little bit less.
  5. You can buy coins and sell the stuff for pokedollars. Being able to buy pokedollars for infinite amounts for real money would destroy the server's economy and cause massive inflation. Pokecoins work because it's just the same ingame money being traded around, but if you give the players a way to buy infinite pokedollars the prices of everything would go up in ridiculous fashion. Sounds like a harmless idea at first but i don't think it's viable =/. That said, we do need more ways to earn pokedollars ingame.
  6. This is possibly the most expensive pokemon to farm at the moment. Right now, farming a competitive Foongus requires: Luck-Wise: -Sync to work (50%) -Black Membership proc for regenerator hidden ability (25%) -Hidden Power Fire. There are 16 possible types, fairy and normal don't count, so the chance of getting Hidden Power fire is roughly (6.25%). Chance of encountering a synced hidden ability foongus with hidden power fire = 50% * 25% * 6.25% = 0.78% (That's not counting IVs, its IVs could still suck even if you find one) I know this is really specific, but it's a pokemon th
  7. Thread. Pm me here or ingame if you have one. Thanks!
  8. They are not HP fire or ice. SOLD Pretty good, Rip HP. Don't let your opponent know i have 01 def! Offer here or ingame to Silentz7. Thanks!
  9. EDIT: Offer was 1M. Fazzoletto leading with 1.1m
  10. Feel free to offer here or ingame. Only Coin capsules or money. No trades. IGN: Silentz7 Level 100: (Only Selling Rotom-Wash for a really good offer) Awesome Unleveled Pokemon:
  11. #1 #2 #3 #4 IGN: Silentz7 Feel free to PM me if you're interested in any, or offer here. Thanks.
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