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  1. Planting an AOT Flag on Mars by Elon should be enuf, I guess? XD Anyways, jokes aside. Not saying your opinion is bad, cus, everyone has different of them. But, well I don't understand this "And only thing that's close to AOT is breaking Bad and death note", I wonder where FMA, Gintama, Monogatari, and so on series were gone. Probably you might not have watched them or so I guess.
  2. "Greatest show ever" isn't that too much? Ofc, it might be for your case, but still there are alot more good shows in the market (atleast till whatever I had watched).
  3. It might be old but, I still count it as a great anime movie
  4. Pretty much most of the fall anime.
  5. Hello, The Dashboard is currently down atm due to maintenance. When the dashboard is back up, probably we will get an announcement in #announcements of PRO OFFICIAL discord. So I would suggest you to join and stay tuned!
  6. Now you can tho it has been added recently. Try checking out again
  7. You can battle with Nikola Try again well recently it has been added tho.
  8. Nope there will be an announcement when it will be added to Nikola. I would suggest you to join PRO OFFICIAL discord server and stay tuned to #announcements channel.
  9. Nope you may only have one account per email address.
  10. wtb Please DM me on discord for fast response. Arlon#5521
  11. I don't think pro staff ban's without having proper evidence. And for pranks/trolls nah I don't think maybe something you had done which violates the rules. Anyways for ban appeals try to use the proper sub-forums->> Discipline appeals
  12. Try to clear up some storage. then try again
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