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  1. Halloween Costumes: Saiyan Bidoof, Saiyan God Bibarel and Metal Concert Wobb Times: like half an hour, with photoshop
  2. @Papoo wins with 40 mil. 8 Hour Auction Auction started 11:26PM Auction finish 7:26AM Papoo win last bid before it ended at 7:07AM
  3. 2 hours left, I'm heading to bed. Whoever posts last bid in next two hours gets the gible. Any posts after 2 hours from now will not count.
  4. It would be iv reroll. but your bid of 25 mil is still valid
  5. New offer by Papoo, 25mil and one reroll @Pity @Papoo
  6. 7 hours 45 mins left. First bid - 20 mil by Pity 5 mil raise minimum INSTA: 50 mil Accept CC and Reroll 380k Each.
  7. Selling this little girl before I leave the game so I can set my guild up for life. Offer here or ingame 8 hour auction. Opening bid 20mil 5 mil raise minimum INSTA: 50 mil Accept CC and Reroll 380k Each.
  8. LegendKanra


    Looking forward to meeting the new members!
  9. A T-mod should be able to check for me. Just need to wait, cheers anyway
  10. Hey there, I'm doing a lvl up service for a player and we added each other as friends but then the server crashed and i lost his friend info. All I remember was his name had Prince in it. Should be my last trade today he gave me larvesta and 25k. Can y'all help me find out his name please?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqhOnGX3BJM&feature=youtu.be PRO's top nub destroys a boss and shows you how. Be sure to subscribe and comment and I'll sub back
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