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  1. +1, but the box rework is already on staff´s to-do list.
  2. Hello there, as "kindly" requested by Norex, I´d like to report the dungeon bugs here once more as they make one of our main-content unplayable. We don´t encounter these bugs every run, but surely often enough to be annoyed about the time we wasted. Lavender Dungeon (normal runs+heroic): - No healing bug: One player (random) can´t heal. - Barrier-Teleport: Sometimes a player can pass the first light-barrier in the boss-room, even though the other player are still fighting their boss. Victini Dungeon: Victini barriers never despawn, even if we faint the kyurems/zekroms in perfect sync. -> trapped in room, only way out is to surrender the fight and use the "Exit-NPC". If you need any further information let us know. With kind regards, Uxxel.
  3. wow, that´s some crazy bulk right there... 40k
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