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  1. Username: Redshankss Server: Silver Country/Timezone: GMT +1 ( Germany)
  2. I post once this message but now i do it again , i give 2 dudes to train my pokemons but they sont give it me back and so long time i try to contac both but no answere please bring my pkms back ty
  3. Honestly i try to get thei dc date but if the player tell me if he dont use dc i cant do anything many player who do in the past lv service for me dont play pkm anymore , so i try my best to get connection and to find someone who doesnt steal pkm how can u know this i didnt know all the player. So can i get my pkms back?
  4. I have give a dude to train my pkm but he doesnt give them me back please transfer my pkms back , and yes i alrdy try to contact him but no answere ty alot
  5. NAME CHANGE Username: Schahsada123456 New Username: Redshankss Server to charge the money from: Silver
  6. Name Change username: Schahsada123456 New username: Itachi Server to change the name from: Silver
  7. Name Change Username: Schahsada123456 New Username: Itachi Server from: Silver
  8. Sup bro here is Schahsada123456 u got my pokemon bc ev train u said u need 6 hours now 3 days are over where are u??? Give my pkm pls back
  9. I cant contac him if he isnt online and dont got his discord nam. What shoud i do pls want only my pkms back?? I already write him on his page but his last login was april 27 so i dont think that he will answere me.
  10. I give a player my pkm for ev service and he said until 6 hour he is finish ill give him 30k and now already 2days gone and he doesnt give me them back or cant come online pls give my pkm back and ban the player.
  11. Name Change Schahsada123456 change into: Redshanks Server: Silver
  12. yeah it works thanks so much and sry that i answere so late XD
  13. Need help, my pokemon is now lv 100 and i camt evolve him pls do him again lv 99
  14. hello dear support, i have merge my 2nd acc Ash2134 but if i start the game i dont have find one of my pokemon and i cant come online on the forum i dont know why please look at my 2nd acc because of my pokemon Ash2134
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