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  1. I used the /avoid_last_opponent command after a pvp match and 2 match later i get the same player. you can see it's different cause his rating is higher the 2nd time
  2. Hi everybody i'd like to start an auction for gyarados, but i also willing to sell it insta if anyone of you is interested 48h auction from first bid starting offer 2m by ---- min bid 100k (last 15 min offers add extra 15 min)
  3. up, as i said to the guy that commented before feel free to dm me here, in game or on discord. Im open for nego, also i usually dont update what i sell on every platform, i just update the post to have only the pokes im actually selling. That's why you can't see what changed over time, i keep posting the pokes and removing the ones i sell.
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