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  1. @Hawluchaa so u are stating that if some1 bids then transfer cause he does not want to buy anymore u just cant force trade or do anything... this seems a bit strange, why would u guys allow a such ez server transfer if it can be exploited to avoid forced trades? (not accusing isildur of doing so ofc, id just like to have clear view on this since it seems really really strange)
  2. +1 don't know about the others but I'd never go for timid on bulba, while I'd be very happy with a nice rash one
  3. i know it does, thank u
  4. they added stealth rock tm seller in guild island, so im assuiming it actually should learn it via tm
  5. had same issue while trying to teach stealth rock via tm to excadrll
  6. excadrill cant learn it via tm
  7. Happened again today, but who cares better trash repel hunting and promoting a bugged pvp
  8. unaware clef got ohko'ed after only taking rock damage and 1 leftovers recovery (protect) i runned smogon calc with my ivs/evs and it says that even if modest, 31spatk, 252 ev and specs it can deal max 81.9%. Someone on my guild had the same issue 10 minutes before me and he was running calm clef unaware 252 spdef/hp. Forgot to say the serp had already +6 sp atk when ohko'ed clef.
  9. Honestly i don't get this change at all. I mean, there are faster and better ways for both community and staff if u wanna wanna kill this game. Just put breeding in or allow to lock iv when reroll :) game will still be dead after a while but with more fun for us
  10. Am i wrong or there's not even a time limit in this questionable poll?
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