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  1. Thanks you so much for the explanation @Scatterbug , and thanks to everyone that try to help me.
  2. @Unowned I know, thats why I asked my LVL service to do it, It's a bug, because it was max happiness and he tried everything and could evolve it, I even buy a mysterious candy trade the mysterious candy to him, that have the toge at max happines and max level, and even with that didnt evolve. He trade me the togepi because he did everything he could to try to evolve it. As explained above and also a SS of the happiness of togepi.
  3. This is a screenshot of Mitthun24 my lvl service friend. It shows that togepi was max happiness.
  4. Evolve togepi bug. This togepi was level 95 and max happines when my LVL servirce guy try to evolve it, nothing work, i said him to battle some pokemons, doesnt work, to give it a rare candy, doesnt work and as last resort i told him to give rare candy until level 100 then use a mysterious candy, it doesnt want to evolve. Please help me.
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