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  1. Hello, Today, an auction for this beautiful Magnezone Hidden Power Fire Timid: S.O. (Start Offer) : 1M pokedollars (1000k) Insta : None Minimum Bid: 100k Duration : 3 days after the start (72 hours) Available Payements : Pokedollars B.O. (best offer): Ending Time: Gl Hf
  2. I offer 20m - Insta Price
  3. I offer 13m pokedollars.
  4. I offer 11m pokedollars.
  5. I offer 8m pokedollars.
  6. Hello @Swarnim Can you tell me: - Which OS you are using exactly (the entire name and version) - What's not working exactly ? Where the issue occurs or any error message ? (=more details) Feel free to contact me in Discord for details / faster answer.
  7. I'll give you my opinion regarding this new sub-forum. 1) The creator of the thread should be the player who transfer for the following reasons. As mentioned by a few players before, players can already transfer by themself and buy a pokemon in an another server. That's possible without this cross server section. Players can win an auction in the server X which takes place in the sub-forum for this server and transfer their account / money if they needed. It's the creator of the topic who decide to put his thread in this cross-server sub-forum and not in the server wh
  8. @EdwinOrignwon the auction - 3.5M pokedollars Evidence of the Trade. Thanks for participating - Have a nice day.
  9. Regarding the ending time, little reminder (Trade Rules): 3. If the auction receives a bid during the last 15 minutes, the ending point is delayed to +15 minutes from that bid, until someone being the c.o. for 15minutes wins. This rule applies only in forum auctions. (Example: Auction ends on 17:00. If any user bids at 16:46, the auction will end when the clock turns 17:01 and not 17:00. If another user bids at 17:00, the auction will end when the clock turns 17:15 and not 17:01 and so on.)
  10. Less than 1 hours left for this Shiny Weedle. Best Offer for the moment : Ehuehuehu - 1.4M Pokedollars
  11. Hello @Partha69, This auction isn't a cross-server auction so I'll not transfer for this Weedle Shiny. Feel free to do it yourself using the Dashboard if you want : https://dashboard.pokemonrevolution.net/ (Free every 30 days)
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