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  1. Hi @Deadpool9o jetzt erst gesehen, ja haben Plätze für euch frei schreib mich einfach mal ingame an mit /pm Marksman1303 oder auf Discord, da schick ich dir den Link mal per pm
  2. @Dylannunh1 hab dir mal eine pm geschickt
  3. Hey, first of all I want to say it's a great idea to add such pokeballs. I would, however, prefer to offer these for normal poke dollars in the shops. How about giving the pokeballs a chance to catch like those of great balls or ultra balls and selling them for 800-1000 pokedollars. I think a lot more players would buy the custom balls and more money would be taken off the server.
  4. Hi, wenn ihr Lust habt könnt ihr gerne in unsere Gilde :). Wir sind eine komplett deutschsprachige Gilde. Bieten auch einen Discordserver (freiwillig), Gildenevents und natürlich Unterstützung wenn man mal einen Rat braucht :D LG Marksman1303 von MewtusRache
  5. Alolan Ninetales can't learn Dark Pulse when it should be able to. Neither the Move Tutor in Lavaridge nor the Tutor in Ecruteak City can teach him. According to Bulbapedia, it should.
  6. Hi, I would suggest adding a shortcut to the dig spots on Mt. Coronet Summit or increasing the rewards at those dig spots. At the moment the way is hardly worth it, if you use repel, the costs for the repel for the way are higher than what you get there. I would prefer the shortcut. I hope that it is possible and that other players also find it helpful. Thank You. Possible place for the shortcut:
  7. solved it myself. But there was a bug. The upper border ist still there but isn't visible. I'm relogging and the border is visible.
  8. Hi, i have a problem in the mauville arena. Can't walk upwards to the leader. but the puzzle is solved relog doesn't help. please help
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