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  1. push, still waiting for it
  2. Hi, you can post this in here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/65778-restore-pokemon-megathread/ or in the PRO Discord: #request-chat
  3. Hi everyone Today I just wanted to get rid of a few thoughts about the game and especially about the events. Briefly about me and my role in PRO: I am a player from the Gold Server and above all a collector, I now have over 7000 hours of play and I am the guild leader of what is probably the largest German-speaking guild on the Gold Server. The thoughts and views I express are mine (although many in our guild have similar views). The number of players has decreased a bit in recent times, which can hardly be denied. I hope that the whole thing will change again and that it is only a transitional phase. However, I'm pretty pessimistic for the next few months, last year the game suffered extremely between Easter and the summer event, many players quit and some never came back. It's understandable that when there's nothing to do but dailies, you don't see a reason to join the game (this is what the game looks like for non-PVP players ). But I can also understand the developers that you can't bring new content all the time because it has to be produced at some point. However, I find it a pity that suggestions from the community are often read, but then seem to be forgotten immediately. Or just be rejected directly. for example, there were suggestions to bring hunt events in the period between Easter and Summer, where you can catch old event forms for a certain period of time. You wouldn't have had to write a quest, just activate the forms for the normal map, declined. I understand the view that the event forms might become less valuable as a result, but this is totally at odds with other dev actions. Proposals like the one just mentioned are rejected with the devaluation of the event forms, but at the same time Halloween forms are activated for the Valentine Event. Devaluation is then not talked about and questions with 'why they were activated' are only answered snotty. From a collector's point of view, I worked my [butt] off to get my Halloween collection together, and I also have many Event Pokemon twice, which usually sell better at other events, but if there is a "second" Halloween event, it's hopeless. However, I also see another point, new players who have not yet collected that much but would like to collect the beautiful event forms are happy about it. In my opinion, even a slight devaluation is not a problem at all, I even think that the compulsive attempt to make the event forms more valuable is a much bigger problem. The event forms are becoming rarer and rarer, and the effect is increasing as the number of players decreases. When I look at how the Easter event is going at the moment, I'm a bit concerned. The new Easter pokémon of the Sinnoh starters are so rare that you hardly ever see any in the trade, it seems as if only 4-5 of the starters exist on the server, although that can only be the appearance, because not every Player posts their Event Pokemon in one of the public chats. Personally, I was extremely happy about the spots at the beginning of the Easter event, especially Suzuka Cave B2F, 3 Rare Pokémon with event form, turned on PRO Betterfarm and started farming. 30,000 encounters and thus a farm time of 100 hours later, I threw in the towel, not a single event form. You don't need to be Einstein to experience such experiences to understand why many players then quit. And the arguments that keep coming up that it should be easier for new players to catch up clearly cannot relate to collecting. It's not even possible to buy event forms, because there simply aren't any more, if you look in the trade chat, there are often no event forms to be seen for hours, and then usually only Wooper or Bellsprout. It just slowly breaks the game, in the past you had a sense of achievement even after days of farming, but now it's normal to invest endless time and end up with nothing, but if you notice that, it's usually (of other players) on it pointed out that grinding is part of an MMO. Little by little you just don't feel picked up by the game anymore, because what's the point of playing as a collector, you hunt endlessly, find nothing and it's also not possible to get the things. I hope that at some point maybe there will be a little rethinking. PRO has such great event forms and so much potential, but who are you doing it for if there's no one to see it?! Maybe that's just my point of view, but I just wanted to get rid of the thoughts. Many thanks to everyone who read all of this, I hope it was all understandable enough
  4. man it was in the same minute XD but then I offer 600k
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