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  1. Simple answer,, no this is not allowed.
  2. Done No worries but I still don't understand a single word you said or what your "suggestion" is here. Do you mind explaining it in a bit more detail? What does need changing here?
  3. Not happening due to how obnoxious the chat will become.
  4. Locking this as you are unable to understand. Take your sob story somewhere else, you won't make us feel guilty about something we explained 3 dozen times. Goodbye and take care.
  5. Didn't read it yet but still liked it for all the effort you spent on it.
  6. Felix#5505 Nah you won, it was 48h after your first bid regardless of acknowledgement or not.
  7. When I implement them, sadly the area is pretty meh but there are plans for it.
  8. Hey there, you contributed about 107 Bidoofs, you needed at least around 180 and that as for just 1 WQ. So There isn't any error here, you simply didn't contribute enough.
  9. What are your guesses on the lowest and highest tier (taking the old tiers here)? That's what I am interested in, if something felt like a Tier 9 spawn or something.
  10. This refers to the rarity tiers of the Pokémon not the form chances.
  11. Hey there! Let's talk about the new spawns on Pinkan Island and how they felt. I am looking for general feedback about the following: How did the FORM chances feel (better odds for higher tier rarity Pokémon)? Please give your estimation on what the "old tiers" might have been for the most common and most rare Pokémon? I am looking mostly for feedback here compared how it was before and how it "feels" now. (This refers to Tier 1 to Tier 9 / Common/Uncommon/Rare) What do you like about the new spawns/What do you dislike about the new spawns? I am only looking for constructive criticism with reasons behind it if you just tell me the spawns were shit, I will delete your post as its not of use for me or others. I am thinking about using these models for event spawns in the future so this is your chance to influence those in the future. Peace o/
  12. Cave of Justice, Rare means its rare, it will not spawn very often.
  13. Its supposed to spawn Day/Night.
  14. Route 118 is not a Repeltrick spawn, Route 213 its only a Night time spawn.
  15. July/11/2021 Pinkan Island "rework" - Pinkan Island Forest got "new" spawns / more focused towards physical attack Pokémon - Pinkan Island Cliff got "new" spawns / more focused towards physical attack Pokémon - Pinkan Island Meadow got "new" spawns / more focused towards special attack Pokémon - Removed Helditems for the time being - Levelrange stayed unless it had self-harming moves or moves that could steal players items - Chikorita / Natu were added - Event till Sunday 18 July 2021, Rare Forms are 15% easier to get than before Uncommon Forms are 10% easier to get than before Common Forms are 5% easier to get than before Balance changes Route 112 - Hoothoot has been removed Vermilion City Graveyard - Phantump is now slightly easier to get Route 103 - Added Fearow - Change Chatot and Poochyena too all Day Route 113 - Bouffalant spawns all Day now Bell Tower - Spawns are fixed, some Pokemon were unable to spawn - Removed Rattata - Made Spinarak a little harder to get Mirage Island Summit - Exchanged Wynaut for Litwick Mt. Silver Expert Belt (Larvitar+Evo spawns here) - Removed Rattata Meteor Falls B1F 1R (Deino spawns here) - Removed Zubat Mt. Mortar 1F - Removed Rattata (no Land spawns are here anymore) Ruins Of Alph - Wooper has received slight adjustments (appears less often now on Land) Safari Exclusive - Removed Chansey - Tynamo spawns only at Day now - Umbreon and Sylveon received a Repeltrick spawn (start at level 26) Love Island - moved Munchlax to Day only - moved Happiny to Morning only - Gave Happiny a Repeltrickspawn (start at Level 23)
  16. Alright, Alright, Alright..[..], let's see what we've got here. Let's start by prefacing that I wasn't allowed to / was asked to not reply to thread even if messages were directed at me. The thread was solely created for admins to reply to however the thread missed its intended goal by a long shot. It simply turned into a circlejerk with the occasional thoughtful comment in between. I have structured the reply in 4 bits: Who am I? | General | Moderation General | Moderation Player related Who am I? Most of you if not 95% don't know that I started playing this game already in 2016 under the name PreHax and was #1 on the yellow playtime ladder for a long time, long after my ban as well. Yes, I was banned, not once, not twice but 4 times. My first ban was overturned because it was simply a false ban. My second ban (3day quiet-ban after I received a warning) was justified (it was for "harassing" Amca, this was simply petty Guild Drama (RuKittenMe / Tranquility). My third ban was for "Revealing staff identity" which wasn't against any rules & what I said at the time was for an artist to stop harassing me or do it on her artist account. This gave me a 10 day temporary ban. My last ban was a permanent ban for "Excess toxicity and defamation" which simply wasn't the case, some people in the thread would have been banned 5 times over if staff would enforce "rules" like staff did back then. This ban was removed by Shane and reapplied right after with added reason "Excessiv toxicity defamation harassing revaling staff identity blackmailing.". I was obviously frustrated after the initial ban so I leaked a few staff names, so that's true but if we speak about the initial ban, there is no "evidence" for anything. On the other hand there is evidence of the staff members who were responsible for the "blackmail" reason in my ban that they faked and made it up entirely ( Evidence of Arnie admitting it ). This is a very light version of what happened, there is a lot more things from me being harassed by artists while I was one of the first Discord Mods or my Contributor role being removed because apparently I "stalked" staff members besides that entirely being false. My ban was in October 2017, I didn't appeal it for about 8 months, I actually was not allowed to appeal for 3 months (this is still unheard of and was never done again). I didn't appeal for 8 months and obviously tried to move on & only jokingly made an appeal. It was rejected after 3 replies (it took 2+ weeks for those replies). Nikola (Owner/Senior Admin) took the case and unbanned me, end of May. He had plans for my talent. What talents? Me and Nikola worked on spawns together already months before my ban. The whole Summer 2017 rework and the implementation of the Repeltrick are from me. After my unban, Nikola created the "Spawn Editor role", we were 3 initial Spawn Editors however the other 2 did nothing. The role was done by me alone, as player, without any compensation who was just banned for 8 months without valid reasons. I got to work real fast as a player, not as a staff member. I did hundreds of changes ( Old Changelog ). I was asked to join staff end of July, completed my apprenticeship in record time, nobody even comes close to that time (6 1/2 days), some apprenticeship take months but the knowledge was already there. Fluffles/Cie is the only one who can come close with a little bit less than 2 weeks for a more information heavy role (CC) which also is the fastest apprenticeship time in that role. Shinohara is not that far behind either. Just goes to show what kind of staff we 3 are/were. I was made Mod Lead after 6 months and left in January 2020 due to internal issues I had with our Dev regarding moderation. I joined back after 3 months but not as Mod or Mod Lead but as GM, I joined got trained for a week & the team collapsed. We ( me and my better half, Fluffles/Cie) were pretty much left alone & struggled a lot with the above mentioned internal issues regarding moderation, this did improve a tiny bit but not a whole lot. I called it quits after 6 months again with the same reasons as before but more so the fact that the role I was in wasn't valued or supported to the needs we had at the time. I was gone for 6 months, found an IRL job, moved on with my life but missed the work as GM. I joined back with a different mindset regarding what the staff team is for me and what can be done with this game/its moderation/the staff team. @envymeister @MaitrePoulpe @Rednaks @SainteBaguette @Igordhossegor; you were interested why I joined back. It is actually very simple, I liked the GM work while its most of the time very time consuming, frustrating. It is also very rewarding (see the big RMT case). I obviously care about the game and its community otherwise I wouldn't be here. This is a small version of my position in the game as staff/player, I left out the more "unimportant" parts like me being Discord Leader. My unique perspective due to what I dealt with as a player, from constant staff harassments, to unfair bans, total power abuser and even going as far as faking evidence, gave me an edge over other staff members. I always could and still can objectively judge cases regardless of how I feel about users, no matter my feelings towards them. I know what staff abuse feels like, what cruel bullying of players can do to players that dedicate a lot of their time to improve the game. I would have never allowed and still not allow this to happen in staff under any circumstances, regardless how many heads I have to clash with staff over this type of stuff. My Spawn Editor work and my work as Mod/GM are so different. As GM I deal with the lowest of the low in our community applying that same mindset to spawns would not work at all. Mod/GM work is to keep the game clean, Spawn work is to make players happy with a healthy system. A healthy system makes spawns enjoyable while valuing economy and the game status. They got nothing to do with each other at all, that is the simple reality. Closing, most of you know nothing about me but just repeat what other people tell you. This is just a short version as well, it could be much bigger. General Suggestions: We look at all suggestions, reply to what we actually can reply to however 95% of the suggestions are things only Eaty can reply to, can decide. It doesn't matter how often you ask for this point, if its a Dev issue, NOBODY but a Dev can actually answer the question. I reply to suggestions that I can reply to really or what are part of my duties within staff or stuff that was rejected previously. WQs: The recent outcry is a perfect example how staff can't try something without receiving instant backlash by the same loud people that complain if you do literally anything. Eaty tried something, it didn't work out. He learned out of it and we go again, this is how it sometimes has to go. Moderation General Appeals: The time an appeal takes varies from staff to staff, role to role and infraction to infraction. Sometimes cases take me an hour, sometimes they take me a month. Sometimes we need Dev assistance that might take a bit, sometimes we got busy IRL and can't reply instantly. Your appeal is in 99/100 cases not the only case the staff member has to reply to. Game Masters are the obviously target of such complaints as we deal in great quantity with bans. I take as the already mention RMT case where we caught users' who sold/bought 583.63mil Pokedolar. The resulting bans were in the 70+ for ONE case. This is 70 appeals for one staff member. We are not robots, we can only reply as fast as we can within our limits. The case was resolved in a couple weeks and we removed about 1 billion worth of goods out of the game (money, shinies, Pokémon, forms & items). Appeals are always done by the staff member who issued the ban, it would be a logistical nightmare for other staffs to work on the same cases. I understand my cases, my RMT cases are very easy for me. If I have to take someone elses case, it takes me hours to understand who is who and what was traded and to whom etc. The time we don't have. That is why Former appeals take us ages to complete because of how complex they can get. Sometimes staff members take cases because they dealt with users' before, had private conversations or simply know more about the subject matter, this will appear to users as if the staff members targets them but in reality they are getting a better case handling that way. Appeals are something everyone does a bit differently, I do my appeals very light for example but I won't be the clown you can just make fun of. Some are very strict, some are more light, I am somewhere in the middle. It always depends on how the users responds. The more infractions you commit, the less likely you will be treated with open arms. One offense? Can happen but eight? As GM my appeals are filled with constant lies & they are very exhausting because users' feel the need to lie in their appeals when that's literally the worst thing they can do. @Yue @Eul @MadhavXDark This part will be interesting for you. Moderation Player related @daicamaxis a good example that you can make some mistakes but after 14000 hours there was never a major incident with the user, besides the user being constantly reported for using automation software. If you don't break rules, you won't ever get in trouble with staff members. @DRDoctorEveryone is allowed to have an opinion and voice their opinion as long as its done respectfully. @PrayforStefanIt goes without saying that we will not make anything public regarding how we catch users. @Ging13Current limitations, we requested new ban types a long time ago but other stuff takes priority. @HeroOfTheStreetOnly mass account will get all your accounts banned, other than that only beneficiary or feeder/used alternative accounts will get a ban on top of the main account. Booster cases for example the user who gets the rating and the user who loses get a ban. @GaidevoirI think Keita probably addressed it already in DMs with you however to share it publicly. Keeping/hiding evidence that a staff members leaks is a banable offense and reaching out to you is not necessary. A ban would have been justified here. @xXBlackAshXx& @Saturnalien& @666G0D999is a good example of what we deal with on a daily bases, some of these insults mentioned before by Keita were directed at me. Users' like this will scream power abuse and will be believed however the reality of things is often different. @BelzebelI'll be short with you, you are at the edge of a permanent ban due to your many infractions, you exceed our Punishment Policy already if your warnings weren't just that. I doubt you will ever change so we leave it at that & just ride it out with you till you inevitable break our rules again. The punishment is applied equally to all users even if you think it isn't. I could write a big post about you however I think you are a lost cause, beyond rehabilitation. Answering you more than this will be a waste of my time. We talked a lot already 1. | 2. | 3. , I honestly believe you can't change for the better & I doubt you ever actually tried. I still wish you only good things in life. @Algerie31 You were banned twice for using automation software, the 2nd time you were caught by the entire GM team. You went ahead on commented this on other social media platforms after you were unbanned: "last time i got banned they removed 5.2k hours play time from my 10.2k hours + 1.2m money wtf they said i was using a macro so i was obliged to say yes to be unbanned lol" I DM'd you after this: DMs between Q8 and Algerie31 , the GM team and our Devs decided to give a third chance because of how much you played and gave you a punishment we haven't given out before. We were well within our rights to just not unban you at all & you have the audacity going around telling people that? Telling others we staff abuse? Here a screenshot of the almost 40 minutes of footage of you moving every 150 seconds to farm hours (hence the removal of your hours as fitting punishment) regarding your case: Videos . I find it reckless that, disrespectful and honestly shameful that you treat staff members and the game like that even after your long playtime. Nothing further to add. @FrostyjoeRebornAlmost the same applies for you, just like @Algerie31. You harassed staff, attempted RMT and got caught using macros twice & still go around saying stuff like this: "Its actually disgusting how some staff who I will leave names off the post but we know who they are specifically notorious for being incredibly malicious and using private forums and wait time between their responses to trap players who have a lot of money and time invested into the game into making false admissions of guilt or otherwise just bullying them into a corner till they confess about something that may not directly involved them or they did and the staff feels like they have proof but don't have the full story of." @konan66Ah, really loved how you get everyone involved with your case but left out the more important parts. So let's bring that to light. 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | Those are just the few things I DMd you about because I could have banned you at any time for this but you have the audacity to go around call me a power abuser, insult staff, insult Keita because you aren't getting unbanned? Yes you were part of the reason why we changed our Punishment Policy to adapt to cases like yours, where it was always "light offenses" and taunting but almost never anything heavy. I was very light with you, we gave you a lot of warnings. I reached out personally to you twice & you go around & call me a power abuser? Spread false things to people like @envymeister? Disappointing to say the least for the amount of effort I spent to keep you in the game but you kicked that with your feet. @envymeisterYou hold a grudge against me because I banned you in 2018, you evidentially still care since you go around spreading the appeal from back then around. So let's clear that up a little bit. I was staff for a few months at the time and I brought the case up in our channels because of previous harassments I received from your former guild due to some quiet bans I had given out. Your case in particular and the ban was greenlit by 2 admins at the time. You keep blaming me, that I made a mistake but 2 admins with much more experience at the time told me to ban. Admin 1 Admin 2, there were others that agreed as well. You keep holding that grudge from almost 3 years ago. Let it go. I don't think I ever told but was really never necessary. Remember the sanction you received from Eaty? I was heavily against it from the very start, we argued in management chat and I mentioned this when I left the first time because I didn't believe it was the right course of action. It didn't matter that it was you but in return I got constantly harassment, trashtalk from you for years. Lovely ain't it. Here: 1. | 2. I wish you all the best and simply wish you would actually see staffs for what they actually are not for what you perceive them to be. @[email protected]@Orihara I will cut this very short with all three of you, as part of the staff team from different generations you all should know better. Some of the stuff you said in this very own thread are so far from reality that makes me doubt you ever were in staff to begin with. My "attitude": I called teerav stupid for a comment he made that I genuinely think is stupid to make for someone who was a content staff and a moderation staff. Does my attitude need "fixing"? Sure a little bit, I don't deny that but you don't walk in my shoes, you don't spent hours on a case just for the user to go around spread lies, call you a power abuser and get all people riled up against you. I am thankful that I am a GM and no longer a Moderator, dealing with some of the stupidity users have is just unbearable. I am an honest person but my work and how I deal with cases was never effected by how I feel about a user or what the user thinks of me. I take @Belzebelas example here, she constantly complains that "nothing" gets done against people that harass her but I can even name cases where I banned users' because they attacked/harassed/insulted her. Walk in my shoes for a bit, let's see how long you will take all the insults, lies before you make one disrespectful comment to someone who should have known better already from the start. This post made it seem like I was insulting people left and right however this was not the case. My attitude shifted a little bit, I am a bit more rough when I say things, this might come off as insulting but often isn't meant that way. Staff got way more off it, they believe I am incapable of making forum posts like this. lol Anyway peace o/
  17. Locked as denied. On a personal note, the way people are acting about the recent WQs is laughable, how about let us try something new that might not work out. We learn out of it but getting your pitchforks ready with your mob of always angry players will get you nowhere. Not every WQ should be with high tier Pokémon, they should be with low tier and mid tier Pokémon as well but for that we actually need data. You guys are achieving absolutely nothing with it. We look at all suggestions and they constantly get posted in staff chats but ultimately it's often times not up to us but Eaty.
  18. Found a Pokemon that will replace it will receive changes will receive changes Removed it Map received slight changes Area received some changes Not my department
  19. I will reject this right away, not going to happen. Eaty changed it for the exact reason that mounts should be about looks not about their speed.
  20. Stick the to the main post: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/178759-lets-talk-together-about-staff-player-relationship/ You can address your issues there & Keita will respond, apologies that it became a ranting thread about me & not really being used for its purpose.
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