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  1. It is depending on offense and everything but for now, we say no.
  2. August 28th 2023 Route 201 - Added Repeltrick to Swirlix - Fixed tiers Alto Mare Secret Garden - Removed Espurr (now in Kalijodo Path), Pidove, Stunky - Added Turtwig, Ponyta - Changed Misdreavus, Nuzleaf to M/D/N for balance Kalijodo Cave B2F (surf) - Removed Corsola - Added Marill - Changed Tirtouga to slightly higher spawn rate Kalijodo Path - Removed Turtwig (now in Alto Mare Secret Garden) - Added Espurr - Changed Grimer-Alola, Ralts to M/D/N Vulcan Cove (land) - Removed Clauncher (now surfing), Psyduck, Qwilfish, Shellder, Staryu - Added Azurill D, Corphish M/N, Panpour, Wingull Vulcan Cove (surf) - Removed Corphish (now on land), Shellder - Added Clauncher, Pelipper, Staryu Vulcan Cavern - Removed Cyndaquil, Rhydon - Added Fennekin, Vulpix Sinnoh endgame: Changed Pokemon tiers, items, selfharming moves, themes and more on the following maps: Battle Tower Route 225 Route 226 Route 227 route 228 route 229 Route 230 Stark Mountain Exterior Pt stark Mountain Entrance Stark Mountain Main Cavern Pt
  3. This bid is the winner. Start 7:20am Wed End 7:20am Saturday - _ (adjusted to my timezone) Bid at 7:15am Saturday - End 7:30am Bid at 7:22am Saturday - End 7:37am Bid at 7:29am Saturday - End 7:44am 4,8mil Bid at 7:41am Saturday - End 7:56am 5mil Bid at 7:41am Saturday - End 7:56am 5,5mil Bid at 7:48am Saturday - End 8:03am 5,6mil
  4. August 11th 2023 All Summer Event maps are completely reworked including adjusted tiers, helditems, levels There will be rotating starters for the hunting quest (either you hunt for Team Magma or Team Aqua) -- NOT LIVE TILL ALL BUGS ARE FIXED The new forms are all available on the event map Adjusted the following maps: Route 25 / Route 5 for the Abra repels Changed Route 36 fixed Kanto Safari area fishing spawns Eriyadu Sulfur Pools receveived changes Breakers Beach received changes Update on summer maps post launch Replaced Mimikyu with Alolan-Exeggutor in Vulcan Fair Added Alolan-Diglett in Vulcan Cavern Alolan-Geodudes should no longer explode in Vulcan Lava Pit and Vulcan Cavern Cave
  5. Is this your way of saying - your arguments are just flawed?
  6. The post has 90 votes - 68 are for hard/very hard / the other 32 are for Ok/easy. The pool has 90 votes out of 7505 players who were active in the last 24h (4101 Silver, 3404 Gold). The pool has 75% negative votes towards the update which might make one to believe that there is a "fundamental" flaw with the update but the opinion of 0.9% (68 out of 7505) of the active community are not substantial enough to draw conclusions. The loud minority are the ones complaining - the same way the every game operates, it is always the old veterans that cry wolf but don't understand the change or refuse to adapt their shortcomings.
  7. You failed entirely to grasp what my post said - which again says a lot about your dishonesty about this situation.
  8. This entire post is super disingenuous as it doesn't speak for the people you are trying to portray as "victims" of this change. We held public XP testing and did lots of interntal testing to adjust the story to the current XP system, making it much easier for story players/new players to actually get started in the game. Our Scripters changed Trainer levels and XP gains while our Spawn Editors did over 100+ map changes to adjust levels and make the game much more comfortable for story players. Your entire post is there to portray the "poor new story" players as victims of this change but in reality you are upset for your own sake because you can not skip the entire leveling process with cheap strats in Cerulean cave that earned you 50 levels a fight. Take care.
  9. August 1st 2023 All Summer Event maps are completely reworked including adjusted tiers, helditems, levels [live when the event goes live] There will be rotating starters for the hunting quest (either you hunt for Team Magma or Team Aqua) -- NOT LIVE TILL ALL BUGS ARE FIXED The new forms are all available on the event map Safari Rework for Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh all spawns were re-done to be adjusted to our current tier system, helditems, levels 12h rotation spawns for Johto Safari -- NOT LIVE TILL ALL BUGS ARE FIXED EXP Rework for early and late maps in all major regions adjusted levels based on public testing and internal testing fixed tiers, helditems for all re-adjusted maps added some Pokemon from later regions in the early story adjusted the MS experience for story players with having access to late gen Pokemon early on adjusted some of the Repeltricks some adjustments were made to be closer to the original games with these changes EXP areas kept self-harming moves on a few common Pokemon - self-harming moves will be entirely removed from any map that was adjusted and in the future they won't exist (any map that gets touched, will get their self-harm moves removed) Mid/Late stage areas reworked (Nap Island, Leev Island, Trainers Valley & Valley of Steel) Nap Island: reworked all maps with the concept of "sleep/nap" in mind adjusted all tiers, helditems and level Leev Island: Leev Island is entirely MS-only reworked all maps and adjusted all tiers & helditems Trainers Valley: reworked all maps and adjusted all tiers & helditems level range was reduced to 30-37 to manage all self-harming moves all maps have a map related theme to them (e.g.: Monkey Path is very focused on monkeys) Valley of Steel: reworked all maps and adjusted all tiers & helditems the common theme is steel the areas price increased to $7500 from $5000
  10. You should be able to enter now, please check.
  11. All spawn changes after July 2023 will be posted in here. Use: Spawn feedback thread for Feedback or he spawn system in Pokemon Revolution Online for general questions.
  12. Spawn Suggestions | Feedback | Changes 2023 Hello everybody, I strongly encourage everybody to post their feedback, suggestions or even requests in this thread. I will look through every single post and try to make things happen for you. The idea of this thread is to give us more inspirations and a wider view on what the community wants in terms of changes and additions. I can't make everything possible because I have to find the sweet spot of what is good, what is bad, what is too generous and what is too hard. The spawns can only be as good as the feedback is, hence I suggest you really think about it before you post something. You can of course request whatever Pokémon you want as spawn but keep in mind certain Pokémon should stay exclusive to certain areas, quests & bosses given that those give these activities their value. It will be favorable if you use this format for your feedback, suggestions and requests: Map name: Pokemon: Reason: Other: We are looking forward to read what you guys will come up with. Do NOT post feedback about the following things: Headbutts, Digspots, Excavation sites, Boss rewards, NPC rewards Those are Scripter duties and I am not able to help you with that Anything related to forms and form chances
  13. Hello players, This year we announced a new editor that allows us to change spawns, create new spawns and make small adjustments more effectively and more efficently - we also held an open recruitment round for the role as Spawn Editor for the first time since this game was made, which yieled us great new Spawn Editors that can assist going forward. The spawns in our game are a constant evolving thing that went through thousands of small and big changes over the years. I want to thank everyone who worked on it over the years. Moving forward we will be looking at a lot of the spawns in our regions, event maps and special parts of the game to ensure all of them fit the format and rarity ideas we have developed over the years. We want the spawn system to be something enjoyable for everyone, new players alike veterans. We will start with a clean slate that is why this sub-forum has been wiped clean of all old threads, all changelogs and everything related to it prior to this date. The spawn dumps for guide creators can be found here: Spawn dump I have created a new Feedback thread, a new changelog thread and will be keeping this thread open for general questions. Spawn feedback thread (July 2023+) Spawn Update Logs “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” ― J.P. Morgan
  14. Greetings everyone! I would like to thank everyone for giving PRO a competitive environment for another season. I would also like to congratulate each player and guild who made it to the top of the ladder, on behalf of the whole staff team. We all wish you the best in the next season. Thanks for participating! REWARDS : • Normally, 1st Place will receive 600 PvP coins, 2nd place 595, and so on. • Top ladder guilds shall receive 25% EXP Boost for the entirety of the next season! • Top 25 players from each server are eligible to enter the ladder tournament and win epic Pokemon and other cool rewards! • Top 25 players from each server have access to Tutor Heaven! RANKED LADDER RESULTS : Top 25 Silver Ranked Rating (No Tier Ladder) Top0 25 Gold Ranked Rating (No Tier Ladder) RANKED GUILD LADDER RESULTS : Silver Guild Rankings Gold Guild Rankings Disclaimers : Results may have a marginal difference to ones recorded by other players. The results taken were taken seconds before the ladder was reset, whilst the servers were offline. If you used a Discord bot, or gathered your own screenshots earlier than us, your results may be inaccurate. If you are or aren't on the ladder when you think you should/n't be, please contact Keita/Qeight via PMs. Please note that users with the exact same rating may switched positions during the reward process, we have no influence over that.
  15. You are online right now - locked as solved.
  16. All Gen7 moves are added - if something is missing for a Pokemon then make a bug report about it. Regions are planned as in one Custom Region called Astrella for all Gen7 Pokemon - the rest is not off the table but stuff like that takes time.
  17. I removed everything but the Safari Pass and the Jirachi thing - do not touch those. A Dev will remove those later. You can keep the berries - I removed all other possible rewards that you received
  18. You did receive 3rd place rewards for the latest BCC - can you tell me what rewards you received so we can remove them accordingly
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