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  1. So you manually hunt and want to play a sound when the desired Pokémon shows up? I think that is within our rules however anything automated such as stopping your char, automated movement etc would be considered cheating. Also you got my okay for now however I will place you in our watchlist just to be sure you aren't doing anything against our rules. This has no downside for you.
  2. We do have everything under control, we have no mercy for staff abuse or any type of abuse in our game. Cheaters get met with the most severe consequences and bug abusers get the same treatment. The game is in its healthiest state in 5 years.
  3. OT change is only possible for Admins and Devs and we track everything. So no, that is not possible.
  4. Not possible and nobody in their right mind would want to do this. Devs especially would never grant such permissions to anyone, not even Admins. Yes and majority of "damages" were reversed to the extend of it being almost nullified. We get a spawned Pokemon every 6 months, that are untradeable but we can select everything from it. We can only use 2 in PvP but most of us don't even play anymore.
  5. Deleted all comments mentioning auction house. Please read: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/159019-dev-to-do-list/
  6. The timer should be higher if it was up to moderation staff. ^this
  7. I am slightly confused here, moving with your mouse is alread supported? Hold Left click and move around
  8. Human inputs or not do not matter really, can you tell me what exactly it does. So you press your right mouse button, you move to the right side? Can you give me a brief rundown on what it can do.
  9. Can you show me a picture of the remapping thing?
  10. Not happening, we don't allow such services as they go against the rules for exploiting/benefiting from more than the allowed accounts.
  11. @DrayceX We are going to close this shop and point to our rule 7, its in clear violations of that regarding benefiting from more than 4 accounts.
  12. Locked, pending review by Admins.
  13. I guess you are looking for a 30 IVs in Speed, not 31.
  14. Devs don't do spawns. I made some changes to Cerulean Cave 1F, watch out for a Discord announcement about it.
  15. September/30/2021 Halloween Event maps - received rarity adjustments to be closer to our new philosophy - changed, added some Pokémon - added 5 new forms (three families) - Bittersweet maps are intended the way they are, they weren't hunting maps last time around however they are now with a little spin on them (this is only for the people that enjoy some pain ) Pinkan Island Forest - Form odds were changed to 1/1250 for the month of October (see on our Discord: https://discord.com/channels/302930139270873090/473949773620183051/628400486315458560 )
  16. Simple answer,, no this is not allowed.
  17. Done No worries but I still don't understand a single word you said or what your "suggestion" is here. Do you mind explaining it in a bit more detail? What does need changing here?
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