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  1. Hello there guys I wanna sell this epic Froakie. Epic ivs max spd max spat. If u interested price is 4.5millions. I accept trade for pokes 1 or few ( but price from 4-4.5m ) , coin capsules (12) or iv rr (6). First one with that offer get Froakie so good luck
  2. yoyo what is price of h.a serperior
  3. Alakazam hp ICE Dragonite hp BUG Blastoise ICE
  4. Hello guys, im want to auction this alakazam for mega with max spd start offer alakazam : 1.2m minimal bid : 100k insta : 2.5m duration: 12 hour after first bid ACCEPT: IV reroll 750k GOOD LUCK GUYS
  5. Hello there, I am selling Tingle Clothes and Tingle Headgear. Type offers
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