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  1. Open until 15th December.
  2. You are sure the reroll preview showed you Darkrai?
  3. You are completely certain about all of the following? - You wanted to reroll Darkrai. - Darkrai was in your party, and Regice was in your box. - You wanted to lock Special Attack, but chose to lock Special Defense instead, but neglected to mention this in your original post. - While you were interacting with the NPC, Darkrai was in your party. - The reroll preview showed you Darkrai. - Regice was suddenly moved to your party after the reroll preview, and Darkrai was sent to your box. - Regice's stats were changed. Remember, false bug reports constitute a bannable offense. Requesting to have your Regice restored to its previous state does not.
  4. Interested to know why you chose to lock Special Defense, when your Darkrai has a Special Attack IV of 29, which clearly seems like the better stat to lock.
  5. Go to the edge of the map, not the top left sparkle.
  6. Hi, you should now be able to enter the Dark Realm by walking to the top left corner of Edge of Darkness. Please let me know if this solves the issue.
  7. Fixed, thanks for reporting.
  8. Locked, as it should be resolved.
  9. Changelog 24.7.2019 - Vulcan Island is accessible - New spawns - New shop for Summer Points
  10. I've fixed the bug and deleted your Nikola cooldown. Appreciate the report.
  11. You aren't stuck. Talk to Slowking in the upper right.
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