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  1. I decided to sell some of my bugs ! :3 Shiny scoli > Start 8m // insta 10m Shiny Escavalier > SOLD INGAME insta ! Accept CC > 400k End 48h after first bid ! GL ! :3
  2. Auction End ! :3 thx everyone ! winner w3ikath ! sorry for the others :c ! the winner can Contact me Ingame or discord > Pandattack#4129 :3
  3. Auction will last 24 hours after the first bid Start Offer : 2m Insta : 6m Min. Raise > 100k GL for auctions :3 !
  4. thx ! and yes its all on paint ! for the moment i focus on my irl work but it will be update i promise :p
  5. thx a lot ! i'll probably update some work soon but with my tablet and real log ! stay tunned ! <3
  6. I already have a table i just try something different just for the challenge ! dont worry about it ^^ thx anyway <3 (and sorry for loooooong time no respond xD)
  7. So Sad to see a starter for less than 10m :Frown: I remember it worth much than 30m few month ago :Shocked:
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