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  1. Msg me discord Muneb#0418
  2. Thnxs this was what I was confirming so I can play pvp two acc in both servers and ladder on only 1 I know about that so ty on that part and verifying it for me you can close the thread I am satisfied with your response
  3. I am not greedy about rating I barely do max 200 xd just wanted to know if it was possible or not to play
  4. I wanted to ask about pvp if I can do both server from same two acc in gold and silver^ Haven't tried it coz nvr got story done in silver so if it's useless I will drop the idea of getting silver account rush. Not even laddering from one of em just 2 acc same in gold and silver
  5. No I can't change it as I don't want to sell below that if the there is no bid within 24 hour I will ask mod to close this thread
  6. Auction closed due to no bid and no plan for selling cheap by making s.o lesser
  7. -1 it can easily killed via fairy type such as clefable and togekiss ribombee mimikyu ez kills
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