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  1. I don't know where my gliscor go. Gliscor lvl100, laplase OT careful, not remember the stats.
  2. This is mechanics not bugged.
  3. The post is not from my friends so -1.
  4. Alright , thanks, Got it! I won't use the gbank acc for pve or anything.
  5. Hello, can I get a reply on this?
  6. So, the situation in my hand is that there is an guildbank account which basically keeps mons to lend to others and also pokedollar, so can we do bosses on that account? Not a single spec of the profit will go in my acc or whoever who does but the money in that acc will be used to help the guild, specifically in lending and to fund events. @Rockyraccoon Is this allowed?
  7. Hey but the rule says, it will provide bans only if the account is used for personal gain and as I mentioned above the acc won't be used for any personal gains. So, is it still not possible? If not then how can people provide story and quest service?
  8. Hello, i want to ask if someone with 4 accs can do bosses on someone else's account out of their own will, no gains obtained from 'someone else's ' acc will be transferred to that user's account.
  9. Hey, sad to hear you leaving however the merge will take sometime to arrive, you still have sometime to play.
  10. Yep, I received the absol and the rightful amount of money ingame has been deducted from my account.
  11. Laplase


    +1 for making guild smaller, it's not totally about skills here, I have become tired of getting same opponents again and again over the pvp que, and what's worse is that because of the fact that the que dead people change team immediately depending on their previous opponent and cteam them, Idk about you but I have experienced this way too much, making the guild smaller will help alot, because then each smaller guild will need to push their own ratings to even make it to top 10 as the exp boost does help for level up, and if you look at the larger guilds it's around 60-70 people at max who pvp and carry the guild other stay inactive or receive help from experienced players. Also +1 for clan wars and increasing the rewards.
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