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  1. Terrible english but +1
  2. You can transfer again within this month if you have 100coins
  3. Oh, yes i forgot i did 24 hr auction clefairy, where can I meet you
  4. Alomomola: s.o 1m min bid 50k 72hr auction after 1st bid Insta price: 3m Clefairy: s.o 350k min bid: 50k 24 hour auction after 1st bid No insta. Accepted payment methods: Pokedollars Note: I can transfer in between servers to make the trade.
  5. Laplase

    PvP shop

    Don't worry, we will end up leaving the game before astrella comes....
  6. That would just make unlocking the legendries more easy, they should be rare and also mysterious ticket is an rare item, doing this will reduce its value. Try not to bend the rules according to your convinence please.
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